Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sicky Icky

Well, this weekend certainly hasn't been very eventful. Jim and I have both been fighting something, Jim has been far worse than I am. Stuffy noses, sore throats, aches, and ickiness. Not to mention the fact it is about a billion degrees out. That makes it even harder to gather the motivation to do anything spectacular.

We did go out and get a few groceries and such. We also got started painting the Baggo Boxes Jim made. We need to get them finished this week so we can take them to his friend Marty's birthday party next weekend. While out today we did get Odie a doggy bed. He keeps adopting one of the pillows so we thought he might like his own bed, and he does!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hello Again

Well, as of today we have our internet back. You don't realize how much you use it until you can't. When the cable company finally came out it turns out the squirrels had been chewing through the line. I thought to catch up I would post some pictures. Enjoy!

David, from my class, after a pudding eating contest at our Olympics.

Kaleb and Jack after eating pudding as well

Jim and I in the backyard

My class and I outside Adventureland

Zion on the Frog Hopper

Ashlyn on the bus all tuckered out from Adventureland

Me and Cubbie at the Iowa Cubs game on the 4th of July

Fireworks on the 4th

Ashlyn and Mark skating this past Friday

Jayda, Jack, and I skating

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Silly Internet

Sorry for the sparse updates, unfortunately our cable internet hasn't been working too well (or hardly at all). We have called the company but there never seems to be an avaliable day, and neither one of us really want to take half a day off to wait for the cable guy to come around. Basically the signal running to our house isn't strong enough to provide the internet like it is supposed to. I am not sure what the fix is, but we plan on getting it all worked out in the next week or two. I will update as much as I can!