Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year, New Blog

As this year closes I am making a resolution to keep up on our blog this next year. So much has happened that should have been talked about, pictures should have been added, so much should have been said that wasn't (especially about our wedding!). So, this year that will all change. Be ready folks, the Davis' are welcoming 2008 with with a...BLOG!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

SO Busy!

So it's true, it has been absolutely forever since I have updated our blog. I can pour out excuses that would all be true, mostly that life has just been busy to say the least, but at least we are updating now.

Today it is exactly one week before our wedding. I can hardly believe it is finally here. There is still quite a bit to do but for the most part we are on top of things. I am just hoping and praying the day comes off without any problems. Mostly I just want everyone to have a super fantastic and fun time!! I can't believe it is almost here!!! I guess I can't say that enough!

I will post some pictures of life over the past couple of months, mostly it has just involved wedding planning, living, working, and some weekends with Jayke. I love that kid.
Jayke Sleeping with Odie

Jayke watching the fireworks and a picture of a firwork

Jayke at the Des Moines Arts Festival and in the Fountain

Decorations at one of my showers

At Chuck E. Cheese with Jayke and Nicole

A rainbow on the way to Des Moines

Jayke's first movie, Underdog

At the State Fair

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Something is Better than Nothing

Well, not too much has been going on with Jim and I lately. This past weekend we did make a trip to Dubuque for his step-sister's wedding. Him, his sister Barb, and I all drove together to save on gas...can the price get any higher?? The wedding was on Saturday and it was a nice time. His Dad got remarried about a year and a half ago and his wife's daughter who was married lives in Arizona, so we don't know her too well on a personal level, but it was still nice to see everyone. We hadn't been to Dubuque in quite awhile so I know his Mom especially enjoyed seeing us. The reception was at a place called Grand Harbor that overlooks the river walk and river. Here are Jim and I being quite goofy yet I LOVE this picture for whatever odd reason.

Other than that not too much is happening. The wedding plans are coming along slowly but surely and I do like the way things are coming together. Work has been going well. We are at an extremely busy time of year so I am planning and have meetings often, including some weekends (blah), but I am excited for our summer program to start. I will be teaching 1st graders and I am pretty pumped about it. Work is going well for Jim as well. I am always amazed at just how much he likes the company he is now working for. They are very good to their employees and it's a bonus that Jim likes his job too!

I am also very excited because Jayke is coming to spend Memorial Day weekend with us. That should definately give me something to post next time. He is at such a fun age and we miss a lot of it so I can not explain how happy I am to see him for an entire 4 DAYS!!!!!!

With that I will close, have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's Been Too Long

Well a few big things have happened since our last post and I know Jim is going to be pretty pumped that I am finally putting up some pictures, I know he has been waiting.

On March 28th my nephew Jayke turned 2. Let me tell you he is so absolutely adorable, always talking and being a ham. We all love him. Jim made him another fantastic birthday present this year. He built a pedal car fire truck with an added wagon for him to haul stuff. It is pretty cool to say the least. Here are some pictures of the truck and Jayke at his birthday party.

The other big thing that happened is my brother's wedding. Him and his new wife Cheryl were married just this past Saturday. They had a great wedding and we all had fun. Here are some pictures of that as well.

Congratulations Jesse and Cheryl!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007


The weather here has been bad to say the least. Ice followed by snow followed by days of digging out. Couple of days later more ice followed by more snow and I am sure some days of digging out are on the way.

It seems as though every weekend we plan to go to Omaha we get bad weather and our trip gets postponed yet again. Last weekend we were going to go back for a bridal show and we got a horrible ice storm here followed by a couple of inches of snow. It wasn't quite as bad in Omaha. Central Iowa had about 140,000 people lose power. Many were still without power when today's storm started. Of course we were going to head back this weekend so I am sure we brought this on ourselves!

Yesterday I did get some good news from the doctor. The very large cyst I had in/on my left ovary completely went away. They were surprised and so was I. It is so nice to not worry about it anymore!

Well, I will post some pictures of our wacky winter weather soon, and to think last week was almost spring like....boy did we get fooled!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well Holy Cow it's Been Awhile!

The odd thing about blogging is that when you let it get away from you it seems harder and harder to get back to it. I am not sure why, I guess sometimes you think you will have too much to catch up on and other times you have nothing to say. Basically everything with Jim and I have been going well.

We are trying to get the wedding plans to come along, the money tends to put us in shock but we are trying our best to afford something we will enjoy. Who knew weddings could cost so much?? Every little thing and they sock ya! My brother and his fiance are planning a wedding for April and facing all of the same things. Two engagements last year, two weddings this year...should be fun right? Not quite yet, but hopefully it will get there.

Winter in Iowa definately surfaces in January and explodes in February. We have had plenty of snow but not a single snow day yet! That is a benefit of being a school district employee, snow days mean I don't go to work! However, West Des Moines is extremely stingy about giving out snow days. Tuesday by all accounts we should have been home but good old West Des Moines just lets every other school cancel while we tough it and go in. Just one snow day....that's all I want!

There is not much else going on....but now that I have posted hopefully I will keep up a bit more. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!