Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Blooms

Every year our yard fills with spring blooms...tulips...daffodils...hyacinths...and more.  Every year my favorite are the mini-daffodils hands down.  Love them so much.

Boot Scoot Bike

We got Charlotte a boot scoot bike for her birthday and after a botched attempt at putting it together for her party due to an incorrect part, we had the company mail us a new one and got it put together tonight.  It is still a little big for her but I think we will be having loads of fun on this in the coming months.  In fact, tonight she was already in her jammies but still had to go give it a test run.  That's my girl!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Char is Funny

Easter morning I was downstairs finishing a few details...if you know what I mean...when I could hear Charlotte stirring on the monitor.  I could tell she was awake so I went up to get her.

I quietly walked into her room, and quietly shut the door behind me so she wasn't licked to pieces by the dogs.  When I looked over at her bed she was completely covered with her blanket with only her feet sticking out.  Immediately I figured she must be suffocating to death with the blanket over her head and I went to move it.

As soon as I leaned down to pull the covers away she whips them back and yells "RAAHHHRRR!!"  I scream and run across the room, hysterically laughing, Jim come barging in to see what is going on, and she is sitting on her bed, laughing.  It is official, I almost peed my pants thanks to the antics of my 2 year old.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in a Nutshell

We had a wonderful Easter weekend this year.  Here is the breakdown.

Saturday we attended the Easter festivities at Living History Farms.  The hunt was on, and the girl was on a mission.

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny had come for a visit.  After checking our her basket, Charlotte realized he left eggs for her to find all around the living room.  That rascally rabbit.

A chocolate and some jelly beans later we got all gussied up for church.

Church was wonderful as usual and we got a nice family shot at the end of the service.

Charlotte's outfit was completed by a fine jewelry set left by the Easter Bunny.

And finally, we came home, got naked, and dyed eggs.  It was a wonderful time.  Jim and I also put together a fantastic turkey dinner that topped off the day in pure perfection.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Char is Funny

I figure if I don't start writing this stuff down somewhere, I am going to forget all the funny things are little girl says.

Installment #1:

Charlotte is fully aware her Dad is bald.  She says he bald, rubs his head, and when pointing out all of the body parts, she knows that when it comes to hair, her Dad has none.

Last night while rocking in her room and getting ready for bed, she pulled all of her hair back with her hands and said "look Mommy, I'm bald" and then busted a gut laughing.  I laughed too.