Friday, July 22, 2011

Random post from Jim

Mandy has been crazy busy working on shooting and editing for her photography business that I thought I'd try a post.  I think the last time I made a post was when Charlotte was born.  Lots have changed since Mandy's last post.  Unfortunately not enough house repairs and projects have gotten done, though I did get the Living Room painted (1 check box out of about 15).

We are expecting baby number 2!  The little one will arrive late November, early December.  The official due date is Dec 4th, but the Doctors have talked about maybe planning to go a week earlier.  After a lot of debate, we decided not to find out the sex this time.  This decision may drive Mandy crazy, but I think it will be a really neat surprise.  She does too, but her planner side disagrees. 

Charlotte just keeps growing taller and smarter.  Its amazing to watch her grow up.  Though sometimes its sad too.  Little things, like when she asks to watch Monsters Inc. instead of "The Montor Moonie", make me realize she is growing up very fast.  Her vocabulary keeps growing leaps and bounds every day.  Sometimes not for the better as she got very mad at me a few weeks ago and called me a "Stinky Winky".  Charlotte has recently started going to a toddler dance class with Mandy.  I'm told she likes the class itself, but I know for a fact that she loves wearing a leotard.  Right now she would wear a leotard everyday if we allowed it.  We have already had to buy a second one.  She seems excited to be a big sister to her "bothersister" as she calls the little one.  She knows he/she is in mommy's tummy and the will come out around the time it snows.  We took her to the ultra sound appointment and she was pretty excited to see the baby, but after the first minute or two all she really wanted to do was play. 

As I mentioned earlier, Mandy Marie Photography has been much busier than last year.  Mandy's work just keeps getting better and better.  I've been trying to be more involved this year.  I've been put in charge of the business side of things by the CEO (Mandy).  Trying to keep up the books, research and buy the right equipment, try to get the website ranked higher, and maintain our new photo cart gallery software.  I've even started second shooting with her at weddings.  We have done 2 together so far, and it is pretty fun.  I know what I'm doing with the camera most of the time, but still need some help socializing with the wedding parties (That is what Mandy is there for I guess).  Its been one of the few opportunities to spend time with just Mandy, though that will change next month as we have plans to fly to Chicago for a couple nights.  Charlotte will spend her first night away from both mom and dad.  I'm sure she has been ready for quite some time to do this, but we haven't.

I'll leave you with a picture from the 4th of July Parade.  Charlotte really got into it this year and got a pretty full bag of candy, necklaces, stickers, etc. 
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