Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jayke's Birthday

Happy Birthday Jayke! We love you!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Our gift to Jayke...

We made him a Toy Box! Both of us came up with ideas for it and we built it together and in my opinion (which may be bias) it came out great! Below are pictures of the process so you can all share in what we did!
Jim cutting the first pieces of wood.
Looking dusty babe!
Outlining Jayke's name for the front book bin
It's all cut out!
Getting it put together
Being a little silly in our new big box
More silliness!
Our super cool toy box has bins to hold small toys so they don't get lost inbetween the big ones!
Ready for primer!
Primed and ready for paint!
All painted! Adding the finishing touches.
Maybe the coolest feature...each side of the lid folds out into a desk/table with chalkboard tops!
Blue Jean Bear stickers to match his bedroom!
Thank you Auntie Mandy and Uncle Jim!
Jayke just loves his big, cool new toy box!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bye Bye Blizzard

Well we all heard about the snow that was supposed to come earlier this week but I don't think I was prepared for how much we got. It was only 4 inches in all, but 4 inches of thick, wet, blowing snow tends to seem like much more than a couple of inches. Driving to work on Tuesday was absolutely awful (especially since I am such a wimpy winter driver). However, it was already melting by the time I took my lunch hour that afternoon. Driving home on Tuesday, not only were the roads free from snow, some weren't even wet! Don't get me wrong, there are still piles of snow around, but all in all it wasn't that bad.

This weekend Jim and I are heading to Omaha for Jayke's first brithday!!! I am so excited to see him and my family, I just really love going home. Jim and I are also pretty pumped to give Jayke his present. I am so bad at trying not to tell early but I actually have done a good job of not saying anything thus far, now if I can just make it until Sunday without saying anything! We are leaving it at my brother's house so that I am not tempted to spoil the fun! Don't worry, you will all find out on Monday what the gift is because I am super proud of it, it will be great!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our Cute Cats

Here are some pictures of Boomer and Milo being cute this weekend. First they crawled in the empty drink boxes from the superbowl party we had back in February (after we finally put the extras in the fridge!) Then of course they were cuddling up and sleeping together. They are so cute, they cuddle up together quite often. What cute buddies!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May the luck o' the Irish be with you!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cold Winter Days....

Boomer and I cuddling on the couch on a cold winter day last month. Could he get a little closer?? But I sure do love him!

Weekend in Dubuque

It's a little late but I thought I would go ahead and blog about this past weekend. Jim and I headed over to Dubuque to spend some time with his Mom. We left Friday leaving Boomer and Milo the house to themselves. When we got in we all decided to order some pizza and bum around the rest of the night. It's always nice to relax after a 3 hour drive.

Saturday morning I helped Jim's Mom set up a blog cause I just find them a great way to keep in touch with multiple people at once. After a bit we headed out to run some errands and what not. I was so excited because we found the decorations my sister and I had been trying to find for my nephew's 1st birthday (coming up at the end of the month!!). Chelsea had decided she wanted to do Curious George so I made the invitations and we found the decorations and it will be perfect! We ate out at a restaurant called The Point. Jim's Mom wanted to take us somewhere we couldn't get here and that was the restaurant she picked. It was pretty good. They had great freshly bottled rootbeer and it was delicious. That night Jim and I went out but didn't do too much. Mostly we planned what we are doing for Jayke (my nephew) for his birthday but I can't say because my sister might read this, but trust me it is awesome!

Jim and I at his Mom's. Not looking too beautiful are we?

Sunday started with sinus problems from the nice weather the day before. Allergies-BLAH! We still got some stuff done around the house and Joy (Jim's Mom) grilled out for lunch. It was very good! Shortly after we headed out for home. We stopped at Jim's dad and his wife's on our way out of town. We visited shortly and watched some of the basketball game before getting back on the road. We hit some thunderstorms and hard rain on the way home but made it back with enough of the evening left to get unpacked and settled after the weekend away.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Computer Problems Galore

So today's computer problems started with some people at work not being able to access certain drives and programs, specifically in accounting. I called one of our IT guys and he had them restart their computers (the magical "fix" to all computer problems) and then I was to call him back and let him know how that went. Of course that didn't fix anything so I quickly called back to let him know and was of course greeted by voicemail. After leaving a message I went back to work because lucky for me, my computer was just fine.

Not too long thereafter I got a call from Jim. Apparently the whole computer system at his job was down and therefore left them with no way to work. Lucky for him they all got to go home because there was just nothing they could do. Now thats a solution to computer problems I would love!

Now here at Newsham the answer is just not that simple. We don't hear back from our IT guy until after 10. In the mean time the 3 people who can't access their programs are whining and complaining about not being able to do work and blah blah blah. Mind you, 2 of these are our accounting people, the people I get stuck doing ALL the filing for because they just never have time, along with random other things they don't "have time" for, like expense reports and semen summaries and what not (you know how that goes). Yet while they mess around and chit chat for over 3 hours before the IT guy eventually comes to fix the computers do they ever think to pick up one of the massive piles on my desk that needs filing, filing that is their's in the first place. Heck no. Let's just have them stand around a little more, cause that's accomplishing something.

Man, sometimes I just don't get these people. Even after the computers got fixed they rejoiced by doing no work and talking about how it was about time they got them up and running. I can hardly wait to listen to them whine about being behind all day. Now that I have vented, I think I will actually get back to work, only I will really do something, what a novelty!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Slow Weekend

Well as weekends go this certainly wasn't our most exciting but that's ok sometimes. After work on Friday we decided to go for our walk. It was pay day at HyVee so I thought we could walk up there and pick up my check and then head home. We decided to walk through Valley Junction on our way up there.

Valley Junction is technically the whole area we live in, but 5th street alone is most commonly referred to as Valley Junction (we live on 4th so it is not far at all). 5th Street is lined with little shops and antique stores and little restaurants and what not. It is part of what led us to rent down there because often times they have something going on. In the summer and fall they have a farmers market every Thursday night which we had gone to before and it is quite fun. They also have art and antique fairs and various events at certain holidays; it is just a cute little neighborhood.

Anyhow, we window shopped our way through and then headed up to HyVee. We left our house at about 5:20, sun shining and we watched the sun set as we walked. We stopped and picked up my check. Then we headed out, sun almost down, and it was dark as night when we got home about 7. It was a little over 3 1/2 miles so we just took our time and enjoyed our walk.

Saturday we didn't do much at all. I had to work from 3-10 so before hand we just kind of bummed. Saturday night Jim said he would make pancakes the next morning so I was pretty excited when I was treated to breakfast in bed on Sunday. We picked up the house a bit and then ran a few errands. We stopped by Barb's (Jim's sister) Sunday evening and ordered pizza while we watched the first part of the Academy Awards. After that, we headed home and finished up a few things before heading to bed. Like I said, it was a slow weekend, but enjoyable.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st....1st Blog!

Hey everyone! Following the suit of some friends (and after a failed blog attempt of my own) I have decided this would be a perfect way to keep everyone up on what is going on with Jim and I. First of all, I can hardly believe it is already March, but what a way to start it! The weather today is absolutely beautiful. I can hardly wait to get home because we just decided last night to start taking walks together in the evenings and I couldn't think of a better night to kick it off! We also plan on grilling out so we can soak up this weather before it gets cold again this weekend (maybe even snow...ick). Crazy Iowa weather!

Just a basic update for those who may or may not know. Jim is currently a franchise accountant with Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies here in West Des Moines. He seems to like it ok. I know he gets frustrated when he can't get everything figured out perfectly on the various write ups he does for his batch of stores but I know he will get it down. Something new to learn everyday I suppose. He also still loves building things, he spent this last Saturday working on a DVD holder that spins and holds far more DVD's than we own but at least we will have room to grow! It isn't quite done yet but it is looking very nice!

I am working at Newsham Genetics doing data entry...not exactly my cup of tea but it is a solid steady job right now. I did, however, get my application turned in, in full, yesterday for graduate school. It is for the Journalism and Mass Communication program at Iowa State. I am trying not to get my hopes up because I don't know if I will get in since my undergrad degree is in political science and art, and I don't have any direct experience in that field, but I am really hoping I do get in! I also still work part time at the photo lab at HyVee. As soon as my old apartment rents (which, according to my landlord, it might have!!) I think I will leave Hy Vee for shopping only.

We also have our two loveable and darling cats, Boomer and Milo who are doing quite well, and I am sure there will be stories shared about them, they are so fun! Other than that, we hope everyones March is getting off to a fabulous start!! I will update soon!