Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well I have been telling Jim multiple times over the last few weeks that I am going to update the blog, yet somehow I never got around to it. The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. I started my new position January 12th, but my last day at my old position was just last Friday, January 23rd. That meant I have worked a few too many 10 hour days lately but it has all been worth it.

The new position is going great, I have caught on quite quickly and as of today I am on my own. Well....I have been doing it myself for the last week but Teri had been there in case I had questions but today was her last day. I am definately ready to have at it though, so I feel great.

Friday they had a little going away baby shower/open house for me at the school. It was lots of fun. I will miss the kids (sort-of!) but I will definately miss some of my old co-workers and parents. I had become quite close with some of them over the last 3 years! As you can see from the picture, I am carrying pretty high but definately showing! As the afternoon went on more parents came and went and we had some great visits. I will miss that part of my job dearly.

As the kids posed for this picture they all said "say protection!"....we looked at eachother absolutely baffled and asked them to repeat it and sure enough they said "SAY PROTECTION!". Well, the difference between kids and adults is that by protection they meant they were using the balloons as body bumpers...protecting them! Too funny!

Well, that is it for now, tomorrow I will blog about RASCAL FLATTS!!! Woo Hoo!!! But I am ready to rest now so off I go!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Please Say a Prayer

Last week on Friday my Aunt Bobette hadn't been feeling very well and ended up going in to the emergency room in Fremont, NE. She was afraid from her symptoms she might have been having a small stroke. They did some tests and found a spot on her brain that wasn't supposed to be there. They took her in to UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center) in Omaha where she could see a neurologist and have more tests.

After multiple CT scans and MRIs it was determined that she had a tumor on her brain. They scheduled surgery for this past Tuesday. They went in and removed all of the tumor they could see. Surgery went very well. They were afraid she would lose use of her left side for awhile but was able to move it after surgery which was great. She was in the ICU for less then 24 hours after surgery before she was moved to a regular room because she was doing so well.

The doctor came in Wednesday night and said that preliminary tests were showing that the tumor was malignant and very aggressive. He referred her to an oncologist and a hematologist to help decide the next course of action. They were hoping to get back to her with more news about the tumor and what to expect.

Yesterday it was confirmed that she has stage 4 glioblastoma. The most common and aggressive form of brain cancer. There are two other spots in her brain that are not tumors yet and the doctor is hoping they can stave them off with chemotherapy. She will undergo treatments of both chemotherapy and radiation it sounds like. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this cancer. The doctor says that usually, someone with this diagnosis, can expect about a year.

Please say a prayer for my Aunt and all of our family. Thank you.

Friday, January 09, 2009

3D Ultrasound

Today we had our 3D ultrasound. It was very nice to get to see Baby C and all that she is doing. I was also pleased to get 100% confirmation on her sex because they were unable to tell for sure at our last ultrasound appointment.

She was a doll through the whole thing. So far at every ultrasound we havn't really been able to see her face because she throws up her hands in front of it right when they close in on it. It is a bit amusing. No matter how much they poked and prodded she would not move her hands, she would just pull in tighter to me and cuddle up. The placenta is still between me and baby which is a good spot for the placenta but it means I won't feel her quite as much and it makes the pictures not quite as good, but I am ok with all of that.

She is currently weighing in at 1lb 15oz which is on target to the 2 lbs she should be weighing. Here are some pictures of the fun.

Her Spine

The blood running through the umbilical cord

Her profile with her arm up in there

Her little round face

Her face right as she was trying to cover it again

Sleeping soundly

Her girl parts, they are 3 small white lines near the words

Definately a girl!

Her profile again

Her two fists, and all 10 fingers!

Hand in front of her face


Snugglin' in to Mom's side

Two fists right in front of her face

Right at the end she had a gigantic yawn, it's hard to see but it looks adorable on the dvd!! She also took time to suck her thumb and her fingers. She was so determined to hide in there that when we looked at her foot she grabbed it with her hand and brought it in front of her face too! Who could believe that I could have a shy baby?!?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This has been a GREAT week!! Last Friday I had a doctor's appointment for me and Baby C, it was the dreaded glucose test. I don't know what all the hub bub is about, but it wasn't bad at all. My doctor was very efficient and we did my regular appointment in between drinking the stuff and drawing the blood so the hour passed quickly. I think I only had 25 minutes to occupy on my own which isn't too terrible.

The appt. went very well. Everything with the baby is looking great. I had lost 6 pounds since last months appt. due to the flu but the baby is still growing great so it was not a concern. My blood pressure had gone down some more which I love to hear, naturally I run a little higher than normal so the fact it keeps coming down a little is great. The blood test came back good as well, no gestational diabetes and everything else in the bloodwork checked out good too. All in all it was a great appt. Pregnancy agrees with me, I just feel great and look good and am having a good time with it...I may be crazy!

This weekend we also had Christmas with Joy and Barb. It was a great time as well. The gifts were awesome and the company was too. It was nice to get together and celebrate the holiday.

We were also pretty productive around the house this weekend, installing closet organizers, going through things, reorganizing, etc... It was great to finally get started on all of that.

Yesterday the people came and fixed our countertop. I am impressed at how well it was repaired. I was skeptical but they did great. Just another thing to add to the list of good things this past week.

Best of all, I had an interview today for a job that had come open in the Kids West office. I had applied for it and was being extremely hopeful. I desperately wanted the opportunity to advance and the hours are 8-4:30, which certainly beats my off and on from 6:15-6:00 schedule.

The interview went very well and I left really hoping for the job. After going over the duties I felt even more like I would really enjoy the job. I was trying not to be too optimistic because they had had 65 applicants for the position and you just never know with these things. Let me tell you, prayers were answered when 2 hours after I left my interview my boss called and offered me the job!!! I am so PUMPED!!!!!

Also, we have a 3D/4D ultrasound scheduled for Friday, I can hardly wait to see Baby C!!!

Life is good right now, everything is so great, I LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Years Goals, Dreams, Aspirations, Hopes etc...

Things to do, work on, achieve and hope for in 2009.
  • Deliver a healthy baby
  • Be a good Mom
  • Be an awesome wife
  • Keep/get more healthy
  • Re-do my photography blog
  • Organize the house/de-clutter
  • Lay a weed liner
  • Get a job with better hours
  • Keep the house cleaner
  • Take Odie for more walks
  • Find a church
  • Spend more time outside
  • Invite people over more often
  • Take a weekend for just Jim and I
  • and basically just be a happy person!

Christmas Pictures

Jim, Harry and Barb-Davis Family Christmas
Davis Family Christmas 2008
The mirror Jim made for his Dad and Linda
Jayke and his presents at Grandma's
Frank and Dyson-Christmas Eve
Jesse and Cheryl opening their train
Mom loving Richard Simmons
Papa and Jayke-Christmas morning
My Dad acting surprised

Deb and Rudy opening gifts

Odie taking care of Jim

Silly Odie and his sit and lay

Jim and Rudy the day after Christmas

I still need to get the pictures from Barb or Joy for the Christmas we just had with them (forgot my camera...ugh). We had a great time at all of our Christmas celebrations!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Baby C's Bedding

We have begun lovingly referring to our little one as Baby C, and eventually you will all know what the C stands for, but for now Jim is asking that I keep it a secret so that no one ruins the name for us. Trust me, it's cute though!

Over Christmas we started thinking of all the things we have to do around here in the next few months. First of all, we have a lot of projects in the works, namely the kitchen, but because of the chemical we need to use to strip the cabinets that needs to wait until after the arrival of Baby C. We did get the cabinets down above the bar area of the counter and the kitchen looks much much larger. It will be nice when we can finish that project up. We also have a lot of reorganizing, rearranging, and going through to get done. Slowly but surely this is happening.

Mostly, we need to get the nursery finished! Unfortunately, in order to do this we have to strip wallpaper from all the walls...blech! Jim picked up the wallpaper stripping supplies and we will be starting on that any day. In anticipation we decided to start thinking about how we wanted to decorate our little girl's space. We had looked at some bedding sets but hadn't found one we liked yet. This past week we decided to head to Babies R Us and see if anything struck our fancy.

First of all, I can not believe how costly baby bedding is! We were looking around and nothing was quite striking us. We didn't want a character or anything too frilly. We wanted something we could accent with solids or structure pieces that we could carry on for awhile. After looking around we stumbled upon a set we both really liked. Lucky for us it was on clearance! The price was originally $169.99 for the 6 piece set and it was on clearance for $77. They also had the matching mobile, which was also on clearance. It was normally $44.99 on clearance for $14.99. Not only was it cost effective, but it was the set we liked the best, so we decided to get it.

When we went to check out, everything rang up 30% off, so we got it all for under $65!!!! I felt like we hit the jack pot. The set is called Lullaby Birds and the 6 pieces include all of the bedding, a diaper stacker, and valance, then we got the mobile. Here are some pictures of it.