Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1 Week Old

Here is our beautiful little one week old family on Sunday!

And here we are with some extended members of our family!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our First Week

Coming Home-Attempt One

Jim and I got baby Charlotte ready to come home on Tuesday, April 21st. We finished up everything in the hospital and got ready for both of us to be discharged. Charlotte's pedicatrician noted that her bilirubin were slightly elevated so he wanted to see her back on Thursday instead of in two weeks. My doctor came and finished everything up with me and we were on our way home Tuesday afternoon! Tuesday evening we hung out at home. Tuesday night was definately rough, as I am sure many nights with a newborn will be. I think between the two of us we got maybe 2 hours of sleep a piece...maybe! Here we are at home. Going Back

Wednesday morning we noticed that Charlotte was looking pretty yellow, including the whites of her eyes. We decided that instead of waiting until our appointment on Thursday we would call the pediatrician and see what he thought. He sent us in to the hospital to get her labs drawn and her bilirubin retested. We had to wait there for the results to see what the next course of action would be. We thought we were waiting to see if she needed a bili-blanket or not, but the next thing we know we got a call from our doctor and they were sending someone down to escort us to be admitted to the children's hospital. Needless to say we were quite surprised.

Her levels had gone from 10.6 the day before to 18.5 on Wednesday. They needed to get her up and under the phototherapy lights as soon as possible. They ended up putting her on IV fluids, under he bright lights and on the blue bed. Needless to say it was very hard for Jim and I. We weren't able to hold her or comfort her, she had goggles on to protect her eyes, we missed our baby. Wednesday night was very hard to say the least. Thursday started a little bit better. The bilirubin test they drew the night before came back good. The doctor told us that at best they hoped it wouldn't rise, but it went down from 18.5 to 16.5. She spent the rest of the day under the lights. They came back in early afternoon to test again. Those ones came back fantastic, she had dropped to 12.9. They decided to turn off the bright overhead lights but to keep her on the blue bed. Jim and I were very excited. We were even allowed to get her out and hold her for awhile before she had to go back in the bed. You just don't realize how much you need those moments, I was quite a mess and being able to hold her again really saved me a bit of sanity.

Thursday night, however, was another story. We had been getting pretty excited because it looked as though we would be going home sometime on Friday depending on how the bilirubins came back from the test they would draw overnight. Then, they came in about 8:30 on Thursday night to let us know that her blood culture they took when we arrived came back showing an infection. They said they were pretty sure the sample had been contaminated, but they would need to draw more blood, re-do the culture, and put her on precautionary antibiotics. The first time they had to draw blood and insert the IV was a mess. Jim was in the room for it and they had to poke multiple times with no luck so we were not excited that she had to go back and have it done again. We were also quite upset because a culture takes a minimum of 24 hours to show an infection, meaning we needed to be at the hospital until Saturday morning at least. Another night in the hospital was very hard to swallow, but deep down we knew it was for the best.

Thursday she had a rough night sleeping. Being confined to the bed was really getting to her I think. Not only that but the antibiotics can cause diarrhea and upset stomach so she was just not feeling too hot. They came in to prick her heel for bilirubin at 3 or 4 am. Friday morning we got the results and she had gone down to 11.5 so they took her off of the bed, that was quite a relief! We still had to be at the hospital because she was still on IV fluids and antibiotics until the culture came back. So we spent most of Friday holding and cuddling our little bean. On Friday the hospital had a group visiting to sing to the kids. They asked if they could come and sing Charlotte a lullaby and we said that would be nice. The song was absolutely beautiful, listen to the words, they will melt your heart. The video isn't super great, but still worth listening to.

Coming Home - This Time For GOOD!

Saturday morning we waited and waited until finally the doctor came in to let us know that the blood culture was negative for infection and it was a skin contaminate that had jeopardized the first test. We were very relieved and extremely ready to go home. We got all of our stuff together, said goodbye to my Mom (who saved us by being here to watch our pets and keep us company) and out we went. Saturday night was spent relaxing as a family, nothing could have been better at the time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome Charlotte Harper Davis!

Charlotte was born today at 6:26pm. 20 1/2 inches long. 9 pounds 5 ounces. Baby and Mother are doing great! Mandy was a champ! I love my girls.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not a Drill

Jim Posting this time. After going back and forth since last week on whether we are inducing or waiting, our doctor has decided to induce. Mandy was admitted to the hospital about 3:45pm after we had several tests and monitors since 11:30am. Sounds like they will be using the pitocin about 5am and she will birth sometime on Sunday. She is doing well. Send her a little prayer for luck.

Still Waiting...

Jim and I had our 40 week appointment on Thursday afternoon. They had told us the previous week that if I hadn't gone by that time that they would call and schedule a time to be induced but by this appointment tha had changed.

She took my blood pressure, it was still high. For the first time she could feel the baby's head and I was dilated to a 1. She went ahead and did the best she could to strip my membranes...very uncomfortable! After all of this she decided the best course of action would be to wait and she was going to send us in on Monday just to make sure the baby had enough fluid and to do a stress test on the baby. Then she got back my urine, which had just a trace of protein in it (which is not good if your blood pressure is high) so she decided to move Monday's test to Friday.

So, yesterday we went in at 7:30 am for our ultrasound and stress test. The ultrasound was fine, the fluid level is right where it should be. The baby is doing great, her heart rate was doing very well. My blood pressure, however, was not so hot. We had to stay so they could continue to monitor that. I had to give them urine and blood. The blood test came back perfectly fine as well which just perplexed them even more. They keep expecting me to have preeclampsia, but the only symptom I continually have is elevated blood pressure.

After some conversations back and forth with our doctor they decided to send me home on bed rest and to have me do a 24 hour urine analysis. So everything I pee is being collected in a big container they sent me home with and we go back in today (Saturday) at 11:30 for another stress test and to see how the protein in that urine tests. They said if my blood pressure was still high they may induce today...but we shall see.

Still waiting...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Brand New Baby!

But not ours!!
Chelsea had her little boy last night!
Leighton Rylee
April 14th, 2009
11:19 pm
8lbs 1 oz
20 inches long
Mom and baby are doing great! I will post pictures when I can get some.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Two days from our due date...

But lets all ignore the creepy red eyes....

Easter Weekend

Jim and I had a wonderful Easter weekend, even without a little one in tow! Saturday we slept in figuring it may be the last time we would be able to do so. When we got up we hung out for a little bit and then started getting some things done around here before the arrival of baby C. Our biggest goal was to get the spring prep work done in the front yard and we managed to accomplish that. I am sure I was quite the site out there, 9 months pregnant chopping down old growth and clearing out for our spring plants! Needless to say between Jim and I we put in a full afternoons worth of work and got a lot done.

We decided to try a new church for their Saturday evening Easter service. It is a very large church and generally we didn't expect to like it much, but we ended up loving it. We had been recommended there by some people I work with and some friends and I am so glad we went. The service was incredibly busy but the message and delivery were absolutely amazing. We both are anxious to go back and try it again, especially on a less busy weekend. After Easter service we headed to dinner and then grocery shopping. We got home, vegged a bit, and then crashed out early.

Sunday I was able to meet my friend Jodi since she was back from Kentucky for the holiday visiting her and Nathan's family. She is expecting a little boy in June so we have spent quite a bit of time on the phone sharing pregnancy stories. We met in between here and her home town and just hung out and chatted for a little while, it was great. I really wish she lived closer!Sunday Jim and I also made our very own Easter dinner. Jim got a nice bone in ham and roasted and glazed it on his own. It turned out absolutely delicious! I made real home-made mashed potatoes. We also had corn and gravy to finish it off. We invited Jim's sister over for dinner and we all enjoyed it. Let me tell you, Jim did most of the work and he did awesome!

Our pets also enjoyed the holiday with us, and here they are in all their cuteness.