Friday, November 11, 2011

Mad Dash

Well baby number 2 is coming early.  Originally baby was scheduled to be here Nov. 30th.  Now the little one is coming Nov. 14th.  Needless to say we are trying hard to cross some things off our to do lists.  Seems like we have been so busy with both our jobs, Mandy's second job photography, dailly upkeep like cleaning and laundry, trying to squeeze some good quality time as a family, etc that we have not had any time for projects. 

Mandy's Dad was was able to come for 2 weekends to help with the kitchen and get the playroom going.  I should be able to finish the playroom before baby gets here.  Although I've decided I really don't like painting much.  Seems like it takes forever with so much wait time.  Mud the walls, wait to dry, replace the ceiling fan, prime the wall, wait to dry, paint the walls and ceiling, wait to dry, 2nd coat, wait again,  tape the trim, paint the trim and doors, wait again.  Tonight I should be able to get the second coat for the trim and doors.  Then all that will be left will be to put the quarter round down and stain the other side of the french doors.  Since we have moved in, I think every wall except the upstairs bathroom has now been painted at least once, almost every light fixture has also been replaced. 

Mandy has been trying to get all of her photo shoots edited and up to date, and get the house as organized as can be with a two year old in it.  So both of us have been trying to get all this stuff done, while still trying to love on Charlotte as much as possible.  I think both of us are a little concerned on how life with change with Charlotte as a family of 4 (plus 4 pets) vs a family of 3 (plus 4 pets).  I guess we will see starting on Monday. 

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011

Charlotte chose her costume on her own this year and picked out Raggedy Ann.  I made her red hair and it turned out great

We had a wonderful Halloween season and tried to do as much as we could as a family before Baby #2 arrives.  We made it to 2 pumpkin patches, painted pumpkins, Night Eyes at the zoo, multiple farmer's markets (including the last of the season), Living History Farms Halloween event and ended with Trick or Treating this past Sunday.  

 Night Eyes

Pumpkin Painting

Living History Farms

Farmer's Market

Howell's Pumpkin Patch with Grammy and Aunt Barb

 Duck Racing with Dad

 Corn Pool with Mom

 Big Slide with Dad

We were the only ones in the pumpkin patch.  Little creepy as the sun set but tons of fun!

We have had a wonderful fall and are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of #2!