Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Weekend Purchases

This weekend was a bit pricey for Jim and I. He had gotten his bonus check at work on Friday and we had decided that either that or the tax rejuvenation check would be used for some things for the house and the other would be put toward regular bills. Well, this weekend we certainly spent his bonus check on the house.

First we had to get a few new lighting fixtures as some of the ones we had were outdated and mostly just ugly. I was very excited when we got ceiling fans on sale and were able to get the fan for the living room that I had fallen in love with a few months ago. We also got a fan for our upstairs bedroom and some other minor things.

From there we decided to look for new living room furniture. We had been wanting that for quite awhile and we were looking to just get ideas and ran across a perfect set. It is big and comfy, carmel colored micro-suede, and the perfect combination of what Jim wanted and what I wanted. Our old furniture will make it's way to the basement and on Thursday our new stuff will be delivered. Pretty Exciting!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Enough With Winter Already!!

I like winter, I don't love it, but I certainly enjoy it's beauty and wonder. I am usually the one saying that if it is going to be cold I wish it would at least snow so we had something pretty to look at but this year I think I am all prettied out. We had another big snowstorm this last weekend and no longer is the falling snow something beautiful to look at, all it has become is wet, cold, heavy WORK! I am not sure if the snow piles at the end of our driveway can get any larger, but I guess we will find out as more snow is predicted for this weekend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yay for Jim!

Jim recieved some good news at work the other day. He was given a promotion! He began as an accountant with Oldcastle Materials Group and was promoted to a financial analyst last spring-ish. Then, as the company lost the controller of one of their smaller groups, he took over those duties this last summer-ish. And being the awesome man that he is he was just asked to be the controller of one of their largest groups! I do have to say though that he is a bit nervous about his new duties, but I am still very proud of him! He has a good job with a good company and he likes what he does, that is not always easy to find!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Few Pictures For Fun

This is Jim and I after we signed the papers for our home!

Odie and Boomer seem to be adjusting to life in the new house just fine. Odie is still Jim's best buddy and Boomer is still a cute cuddler. Amazingly enough Milo has grown up quite a bit since our last move (where he hid behind the stove for 7 hours). He hasn't gone missing or hidden himself in strange places at all. He has however leaped up into the strange mantle hole above our big rock fireplace. What a crazy cat!