Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks Mom!

Thanks to my Mom's keen observation, in my last post I did not (and could not) have "cocked" the lady. I did in fact mean to write coldcock. Gee Mom, quite the daughter you have!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy Lady

Yesterday as I was driving home from work I was on the phone with my Mom discussing something that I am sure was very important. As I turned on to our block, which can be a bit of a sharp turn, there was a woman who had just come around a parked car and so she was a bit over in my lane and I was turning a bit wide. Needless to say we both slowed down, let each other by, and I pulled in my driveway. No big deal right? It's common road courtesy.

Apparently it was a bigger deal than I thought. As I am finishing my conversation, still in my parked car, the lady whom I had passed began pulling into the driveway. I said to my Mom "There is some lady pulling into our driveway. What does she want? She's getting out of her car...let me call you back."

I considered ignoring her but decided to open my door to see what she wanted. To be honest I was a little bit scared because I had no clue what her deal was. She said to me "you better get off your phone when your driving so you can pay attention" perhaps not word for word, but very similar, and very nasty.

I, being the meany I can sometimes be, and being absolutely appalled that this woman had the gall to turn around and pull in my driveway to confront me over something that was so incredibly minor, especially given she was partially in my lane, I said to her "You need to get back in your car and get the &*#$ off my property" and I shut my door. Now I know that was harsh, and the swearing was uncalled for, but my heart was racing and I was so shocked it just came out.

She proceeded to storm over to her little red SUV mumbling under breath and shaking her finger at me while some neighbor kids passed behind her vehicle. I kindly opened my door, said "seriously you need to leave now, and watch out for the kids behind your car". At which point she got in her vehicle and left.

I can not believe that with the crazies out there this day in age this woman had the audacity to pull into my driveway, get out of her car, and confront me. I was beyond blown away. She didn't know me from Adam. I could have been some crazy loon that carries a knife, bat, or some other crazy weapon in my vehicle. I could have been a hot tempered, strong fisted person ready to cock her. I could have been anyone! At least if she was going to be that ballsy, it should have been some bigger deal, not her in my lane and me turning wide. Seriously...get a grip lady.

I did however find out that she lives somewhere down the street from me, which should make for one hell of a neighborhood block party if you ask me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Jim cleaned out and washed both upper and lower gutters, snaked the down spouts, mowed the front and back yards and all in ninety something degree heat. He was a rock star.

I however pretty much talked on the phone with my Mom and held the ladder.

Rock on.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This weekend has been so incredibly lazy. I know I need to clean the house and definitely do some laundry; Jim knows he needs to mow the lawn and clean the gutters...yet somehow we have made it to late Sunday afternoon without doing a darn thing. Best of all, we haven't even left the house.

I think that's why everyone should praise housewives. I am darn near convinced I could NEVER be one. These tasks are monotonous, boring and mundane as it is. If it was all I did I would likely die of boredom.

Life at home is set on do it now just so you can do it again. Well I suppose I should rewind and press play because it isn't going to do itself.

And off we go... hopefully my next post we will have been more productive!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Off to the Races

Yesterday afternoon Jim and some of his co-workers went out to say good-bye to Micah who took another job in Florida, within the same company. After things were winding down they decided to head to Prairie Meadows because they were having camel and ostrich races. We all headed over to check it out and it was packed! We missed the camels racing but we did see a couple of camels just hanging out on the track. We waited around and were able to see the ostrich race. Here is a video of's pretty funny.

Also, the picture on the top right of the header is my new haircut...I have bangs. I like it a lot though!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend With Jayke

This past weekend Jim and I got to have Jayke spend some time with us. We absolutely love having him over! Saturday while Jim golfed Jayke, Emily, Kameron and I headed to the downtown Des Moines farmers market. Jayke had a corndog and a cup full of ketchup, even after he wanted no more corndog he licked ketchup out of the cup until it was practically gone. That boy will eat anything if he can dip it in ketchup I think.

That evening we headed down to Raccoon River Beach to play. We brought Odie with us as well. Jayke played in the water, made a friend, then played on the playground for quite awhile. Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen for a treat. I still don't know what we were thinking, but never get a Mr. Misty slush for any child unless it is before noon because they go crazy! It probably didn't help that he had aprt of Jim's blizzard, part of my ice cream cone and then his drink, but he was hilarious. We were in the car afterwards and he was just bouncing off the walls. I asked him if he had a sugar high and he just starts sing songing/yelling sugar high, sugar high, sugar high!!! He crashed pretty hard when we got home though and slept well.

Sunday we hung out, played outside, and headed to Omaha for dinner. In the video he is definately running around in a pull up because he saw me with my lady product and said that if I was wearing a pull up he wanted to wear one too...yeah...embarrasing. He never needed his pull up of course, just expensive underwear for the day.

Monday, July 07, 2008


I love the fireworks setting on cameras! They turn out so rockin' cool! Just check them out...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our Fourth

What a wonderful weekend!! A couple of weeks ago Jim and I decided to invite some family down for the weekend to celebrate the 4th and break in our home to our family who hadn't seen it yet. We invited my family and Jim's Mom's side of the family (his Dad's side will be here for a big party in September). We decided to have the bbq on the 5th so that everyone could enjoy their regular holiday activities on the fourth.

On the fourth Jim and I enjoyed our first Urbandale parade and fireworks. The parade lines up on our street and starts at the end of our block so that was kind of cool. I could not believe how many people were at the parade! We were doing some housework and yardwork and decided to head down so that's why we aren't looking so hot in the picture, but it was fun.

a view of the crowd once you reached the end of our street

I couldn't believe this dog in the parade!

I loved the old cars

Jim and I enjoying the parade

Cool Float

One of my uncles came up early so he could see some friends of his that live here so he enjoyed the firworks with us on Friday night. We were hoping we could see them from our backyard but one of our trees blocked them, but as soon as we walked around the corner they were plain as day. My friend Erica stopped by to check them out with us as well.

Jim and Odie enjoying the fireworks

Erica and I

Saturday began with gracery shopping to pick up the final few things we needed and people started arriving around noonish. The whole day was awesome!!!! It was so nice to have our families here enjoying our home. We had a ton to eat, plenty to drink, and lots of fun with good old baggo and such. I could not have asked for a better holiday weekend!! Something about having everyone here suddenly made me really feel like this is home, and a home I am truly loving! Here are some pictures of the festivities.

Jim and I certainly had a fantastic time this holiday.