Saturday, January 30, 2010

Darn Ice Dams

Well, the leaks I mentioned around Christmas time have officially transpired into our first home owners insurance claim.  Ice dams have caused water to leak in our house, through many of our window frames, down the back wall of our home top to bottom all while wreaking havoc along the way.

We finally called the insurance company who came out the first time with an initial estimate of about $1500 that seemed quite low for the amount of damage and didn't cover everything.  We had more snow and ice and therfore even more water in the house.  We had them come back out yesterday to re-estimate the damages and the claim jumped to over $6000.

This spring, after we are all thawed out, we will be hiring a contractor to begin the work.  Here are some of the things that will be done:

  • replace 1/3 of the kitchen ceiling
  • replace part of the North wall in the kitchen
  • replace the drywall around the sliding glass back door in the dining room
  • replace much of the ceiling in the dining room
  • fix and replace window casing in the living room
  • replace part of the hardwood floors in the dining room
  • sand and refinish all of the hard wood floors in the dining room, living room, and den
  • replace insulation in the crawl space
  • replace the drywall in our bedroom ceiling
  • replace the paneling in our whole bedroom with drywall, repaint, and install new insulation
  • replace the drywall on the North wall of Charlotte's room and repaint and install new insulation
This is most of the list.  Everything right now is based on an estimate.  More may need to be done when they start tearing into everything.  There are good and bad things about it but we are very happy everything is going to be repaired.


It has been so stinking cold with absolutely NO sun for so long that when we came home the other night and the sun was still out and the temp was over 20 I bundled up the girl and out we went for a little ride around the backyard in her sled!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pretty and Playin'

Look closely, she let go and stood by herself for a couple seconds before dropping to her bum.

She is always kneeling.

Monday, January 25, 2010

40 WEEKS!!!

Have we really made it this long!  Happy FORTY WEEK family!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

9 Month Appointment

Charlotte went in today for her 9 month well check.  She is growing great and is right on track with everything so far.  Her stats are as follows:

Length: 29 inches, 92nd percentile

Weight: 22lbs 7.5oz, 95th percentile

Head:  18inches, 82nd percentile

Everyday we look at her and can't believe what a little girl she is becoming.  We are so proud to call her our how time flies!

Monday, January 18, 2010

39 Weeks Old!!

Taken last night (01/17)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the Bright Side...

While home sick Charlotte reached a few milestones:

Started Crawling:  January 12th

Pulled herself up to standing:  January 13th

Went from belly to sitting: January 13th

Top right tooth started to cut through:  January 13th

She also has 3 other teeth coming in too!  She is really boot scooting around and loving crawling.  No rest for the weary in our household!! 

Oh, we also got her 1st big girl car seat ready to go!

Sick Little Girl

Last Wednesday (01/06) I took Charlotte to the doctor because I thought she was getting sick.  I knew that after we left Omaha New Years weekend Leighton came down with the RSV virus and was sick and it is highly contagious.  I KNEW she wasn't being herself but the doctor said she was just teething and not to worry.

By Friday (01/08) I called the doctor again because things had gotten worse.  She was very congested and coughing a lot.  She was throwing up after almost every meal because she would cough and gag.  She hadn't run any kind of fever.  The doctor said that it was still just teething even though I told them that she had been around RSV the past weekend. 

The weekend was rough.  I am sure you can tell in our 38 week picture that she isn't feeling too hot.  Her coughing had gotten worse, the congestion was unimaginable.  We almost went to the walk in clinic on Sunday but then she acted really good again.  By that evening she was terrible.  The night was terrible.  We went to the doctor first thing Monday morning.

Finally on Monday the doctor decided she was indeed sick and not just teething...sometimes they should trust that as a Mom you know your kid!  Sure enough she had RSV, an upper respiratory infection, and bronchilitis.  We did a breathing treatment at the doctors office and were also sent home with a nebulizer to continue breathing treatments at home.  We have to give her a treatment every 4-6 hours, continue to suck out her nose, and watch for breathing difficulties or a fever.  We were also told that she was highly contagious and needed to be home from daycare for the week....AGH! 

This week has been long and rough.  I think the worst things were the coughing fits that took he rbreath away, and trying to get her to eat.  She would hardly eat some days and we were very worried she was going to become dehydrated.  Every now and again I could get her to drink some water but only out of a sippy cup.

She went to daycare for 2 hours on Friday afternoon because I had a meeting and she basically just slept.  She was still doing so poorly that we chose to spend this weekend at home and missed out on Christmas with Jim's Mom's side of the family in Dubuque.  We are hoping that she will be ready for daycare on Monday.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

38 Weeks

Taken 01-10-10

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Bath time turned very interesting for Charlotte this evening...just see for yourself...EWWW!

As she kept going in the tub I finally got smart enough to pick her up and put her over the toilet.  I guess this makes it her first time going in the potty experience...too bad we have a couple years before it will stick!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

37 Week Family

Taken before heading back to Des Moines after a wondeful weekend celebrating Christmas and the New Year (01-03-2010).  First weekly picture of the NEW year!

Playing at Papa's House

Christmas Again!!

Christmas at my Mom's in pictures...since I know she loves these kind of posts!  We got together on Satuday, January 2nd with my Mom and Frank.  Fantastic holiday as usual!

Jim and Leighton hanging out while everyone got their lunch.

Jesse and Jayke eating up.  Jayke was very proud that he ate all of his chili...even the onions.

Headband from Gramma!

Gramma and Papa Frank got all of the grandkids teddy bears wearing shirts with their names on them.  I love this picture even if they are not all looking at the camera.

Charlotte loved opening her presents so much she didn't even put down her toy!

Chelsea and Leighton being lovey.

My Mom got Jim and I some new pillows, Charlotte found those fun to flop on.

She kept trying to pull the lights off Gramma's sweater.

I was so proud of this coat we got Chelsea!  I am so pumped she liked it!

Silly girl

Jayke and Charlotte playing...and Dyson too!

Jayke opening presents.

My Mom was opening her and Frank's gift from Jim and I .  There were 2 tickets in the box (the rolls were just to add weight to the box) and my Mom announced to Frank when she opened them "Wow!  They got us a little cruise!"  What she negelected to say was that it was a lunch cruise on the River City Star in Omaha.  We looked really good for a second!

After everyone left we still hung out for awhile to visit with my Mom and Frank.

Charlotte finds Dyson hilarious!

Here she is cracking up while riding him!

Shortly after that we headed out for the night.  We had such a wonderful day!

Skudler Christmases

New Year's Day began our Christmas celebrations with the Skudler side of the family.  We headed out Friday morning and arrived in Omaha about 11.  Just in time to begin the festivities with my Dad.  We had a great time, enjoyed lunch and exchanging gifts.  Here are some pictures of the fun!

I didn't get as many pictures of the actual gift opening as I would have liked so I will have to get them from Deb and Jesse.  After everything wound down we got in a nap and feeding before it was time to head over to my grandparents.

Christmas with the entire Skudler brood later that night was good as usual.  Almost everyone was able to be there and it was nice to visit with the whole family.  Charlotte had fun but gets a bit overwhelmed by all the people.  After the gathering we headed back to my Dad's to turn in for the night.  It was a wonderful day, and still felt very much like Christmas.

Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Years from Charlotte and her New Year's shirt!

Check out the hair!

We had a low key New Years Eve at our house.  We made appetizers for dinner, enjoyed a bottle of champagne, hung out with the girl, watched a movie and headed to bed.  We also finished our last minute prep stuff to head out of town for the Skudler Christmases. 

AND....I got all my hair cut off!!  They cut over 6 inches off....thank goodnes!!!!!

Some Kisses!