Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well Holy Cow it's Been Awhile!

The odd thing about blogging is that when you let it get away from you it seems harder and harder to get back to it. I am not sure why, I guess sometimes you think you will have too much to catch up on and other times you have nothing to say. Basically everything with Jim and I have been going well.

We are trying to get the wedding plans to come along, the money tends to put us in shock but we are trying our best to afford something we will enjoy. Who knew weddings could cost so much?? Every little thing and they sock ya! My brother and his fiance are planning a wedding for April and facing all of the same things. Two engagements last year, two weddings this year...should be fun right? Not quite yet, but hopefully it will get there.

Winter in Iowa definately surfaces in January and explodes in February. We have had plenty of snow but not a single snow day yet! That is a benefit of being a school district employee, snow days mean I don't go to work! However, West Des Moines is extremely stingy about giving out snow days. Tuesday by all accounts we should have been home but good old West Des Moines just lets every other school cancel while we tough it and go in. Just one snow day....that's all I want!

There is not much else going on....but now that I have posted hopefully I will keep up a bit more. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!