Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007


The weather here has been bad to say the least. Ice followed by snow followed by days of digging out. Couple of days later more ice followed by more snow and I am sure some days of digging out are on the way.

It seems as though every weekend we plan to go to Omaha we get bad weather and our trip gets postponed yet again. Last weekend we were going to go back for a bridal show and we got a horrible ice storm here followed by a couple of inches of snow. It wasn't quite as bad in Omaha. Central Iowa had about 140,000 people lose power. Many were still without power when today's storm started. Of course we were going to head back this weekend so I am sure we brought this on ourselves!

Yesterday I did get some good news from the doctor. The very large cyst I had in/on my left ovary completely went away. They were surprised and so was I. It is so nice to not worry about it anymore!

Well, I will post some pictures of our wacky winter weather soon, and to think last week was almost spring like....boy did we get fooled!