Saturday, September 15, 2007

SO Busy!

So it's true, it has been absolutely forever since I have updated our blog. I can pour out excuses that would all be true, mostly that life has just been busy to say the least, but at least we are updating now.

Today it is exactly one week before our wedding. I can hardly believe it is finally here. There is still quite a bit to do but for the most part we are on top of things. I am just hoping and praying the day comes off without any problems. Mostly I just want everyone to have a super fantastic and fun time!! I can't believe it is almost here!!! I guess I can't say that enough!

I will post some pictures of life over the past couple of months, mostly it has just involved wedding planning, living, working, and some weekends with Jayke. I love that kid.
Jayke Sleeping with Odie

Jayke watching the fireworks and a picture of a firwork

Jayke at the Des Moines Arts Festival and in the Fountain

Decorations at one of my showers

At Chuck E. Cheese with Jayke and Nicole

A rainbow on the way to Des Moines

Jayke's first movie, Underdog

At the State Fair