Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures From Charlotte

Hugging my cow toy.
After a big meal my tummy plumps up!

Playing with my rings, they are my favorite toy most of the time.

I especially love to chew on them.

Here I am with my Aunt Barb.

I love to chew my fingers...I'm getting ready.

I helped myself along with a nice push of the hand.

Here I am hanging out in my bumbo.

I played so hard I fell asleep

I decided to start holding my bottle.

I'm so cool!

I try very hard to roll over, but I just can't seem to make it all the way yet...any day now!

Holding my bottle again, I do it a lot but not all the time.

I LOVE playing in the bath!!

Most of all, I am just a happy baby!


Anonymous said...

I have the most beautiful granddaughter in the world!! Thank you Jim & Mandy! And her mother's a pretty darn good photographer! God Bless.

Grandma Joy (aka Mom)

Joy Davis said...
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Barb said...

She keeps getting cuter! Holding the bottle now huh? Looks like daddy was trying to demo the roll in that one pic!

Gramma said...

Thanks for all of the cute pictures, CHARLOTTE!! I love that you're posting on mommy and daddy's blog now!
Love you bunches,

Big Cousin Heather said...

Your tummy used to do that too! You had the cutest little naked body (I'm talking about when you were about 2 years old). I loved it when you would get a bath and then your parents would let you run through the house naked - You loved being naked! Ha!! You may want to delete this post after you read it!! ;) Cute pictures!!!