Sunday, February 07, 2010


Today we have reached the current pinnacle of rascal-i-ness with Charlotte.  Things that were said today by Jim or I at one time or another:

"I'm watching for her, if she starts heading you're way I'll warn you."

"Odie just run away, seriously just run away form her."

"Don't throw your toys at Boomer"



"Leave him alone"

"Be nice to the cat"

"...and the dog"

"Run Boomer...RUN!"

"Don't sit on the cat!...are you on his leg?"

"Don't worry Boomer, I'll save you."


"Let go of his leg"

"Don't pull his tail...or bite it!"

"Charlotte, seriously stop or you will have to take a nap in the naughty bed" (I don't even have any idea what I meant when I said this, it just came out.)

It seems as though our entire night has been filled with these comments...and as you can see they mostly involve the pets.  Now that she can chase them things are just a little different!


mom said...

I read this and chuckled because I was imagining HER and I was imagining YOU GUYS! HA!!!
Love, Mom

Barb said...

Your pets should start to catch on pretty soon right?!!