Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Char is Funny

Easter morning I was downstairs finishing a few details...if you know what I mean...when I could hear Charlotte stirring on the monitor.  I could tell she was awake so I went up to get her.

I quietly walked into her room, and quietly shut the door behind me so she wasn't licked to pieces by the dogs.  When I looked over at her bed she was completely covered with her blanket with only her feet sticking out.  Immediately I figured she must be suffocating to death with the blanket over her head and I went to move it.

As soon as I leaned down to pull the covers away she whips them back and yells "RAAHHHRRR!!"  I scream and run across the room, hysterically laughing, Jim come barging in to see what is going on, and she is sitting on her bed, laughing.  It is official, I almost peed my pants thanks to the antics of my 2 year old.


DeVore Family said...

Love this!!!

joy said...

Love this story Mandy! That's our girl!!