Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Girl Room

Charlotte now has a big girl room!

She had been using the crib as a toddler bed but we knew that was going to need to come to an end soon.  We have been debating what kind of bed to get her, full or twin basically.  We were checking out craigslist and came across this set.

What you have to understand is, from the time Charlotte was in the womb Jim was looking forward to the day he could get her a bed with a slide.  We ended up with an absolutely amazing deal and this bed is perfect for her room.  It still leaves her with tons of play space and she love napping under it and sleeping on it.  She is obsessed with playing in her room right now.

1 comment:

Grandpa H. said...

An awesome bed for an awesome little girl & granddaughter. May your life always be as calm and peaceful as you are in this picture. Love Grandpa H & Linda