Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tulip Time!

Going to college in Pella meant always having to deal with Tulip Time. At the time it was a bit of a nuisance since we all knew we needed to participate but were also trying to study for finals and finish the semester. Last year, living off campus, I didn't really get a chance to go so I was actually really looking forward to going this year.

I worked on Friday and we needed to clean the house and what not on Saturday so I debated going for quite awhile, but Jim and I decided to go Saturday evening in time to enjoy the festivities and catch the lighted parade that night. We had a pretty good time too!

The tulips were beautiful as usual. There were tons of people as usual. And lots of food as usual. This time, however, it was different not being a student, in fact, it was more enjoyable just to be a spactator. Jim had a good time too. We enjoyed dinner and siteseeing, and then we found a good spot to watch and enjoy the parade. The floats are always big and fun, impressive for a town of Pella's size. It got a little chilly by the end, but we both still had a great time!

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Mom said...

I remember the year we enjoyed "TulipTime" together... and I really did enjoy it! I would certainly go again! I'm so glad the you and Jim were able to enjoy it together. Those "simple pleasures" create the best memories.

Love, Mom