Thursday, June 01, 2006

Grandma's Doing Well

It has been a rough week and a half for my Grandma but I am proud to report she has pulled through remarkably well. For those who don't know, last Tuesday my grandma was taken to the hospital after suddenly getting sick at dinner that night. On Wednesday they finally figured out where the pain was coming from, spparantly she had a tear in her esophagus. They rushed her into emergency surgery which was an extremely scary 7 1/2 hours. They just kept saying it was very serious and very grave.

When she got out of surgery things looked pretty grim (the doctor said grim and IF she makes it a lot I guess). Her esophagus had almost completely separated from her stomach and her stomach acid had leaked out into her blood stream cousing a very serious infection to spread throughout her body. When she made it through the first night we were all cautiously happy. Lucky for everyone every day has been a significant improvement. When we last saw her on Sunday she was talking and looking a lot more like my grandma.

We got more good news on Tuesday when we found out her biopsy of the area around her esophagus and stomach came back negative for cancer. They still don't know what caused the separation and she is still in the ICU but she did get moved to a room with a window which she is very happy about. She has a very long road ahead of her yet, but she is the hospital's miracle right now and I will keep everyone posted on her progress.

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Mom said...

I continue to pray for the Lord to keep His healing hand on Grandma. I had been told that the doctors are "overjoyed" with her progress. She does have a long road of recovery ahead, but it appears that she is up for the journey!

Love, Mom