Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The New Job

So the new job is going great! For the first time in far too long I like going to work everyday. I spend my day working with a classroom full of kids getting ready to head into first grade. They are so eager and energetic that it just makes the day fly. I come home everyday just exhausted, but a good exhausted.

The way the program works the kids have field trips four days a week so it gets to be quite busy. This week we went to the pool on Monday (where I got completely burned) and our onsite day was today. Tomorrow we head to living history farms, mini-golf on Thursday, and the Des Moines Zoo on Friday. As you can tell, we keep ourselves very busy! It is great though.

I feel behind on getting things ready for school so I need to start that soon. I need to get my loans defered, fafsa filled out, health papers in, just a lot of stuff. I need to definately get on top of all that.

Jim's dad is coming to town this weekend. Him and his wife have some things to do in Des Moines so it will be nice to get to spend some time with them. I think we may head to a baseball game and I am sure they will come by and see the house. Other than that I am not too sure what is happening.

And since I won't get to be home, Happy Father's Day Dad!


Mom said...

I think that working with kids was always the most rewarding job I ever had. I loved it, so I completely understand why you love it, too. Your summer will fly by! (So you'd better "get in gear" with the stuff you need to do for graduate school! Hey...am I sounding like a mom now?) Love you!


Dad said...

Jim and Mandy, It was great to see your rental home in West Des Moines and to see also how well you are working together to maintain the yard, etc. It all looks very nice and I can understand your readiness and desire to have a home of your own. Be patient and I have every belief that will one day happen. Thanks for the great meal, for the Father's Day card and shoes, and for the 'fun time' at the ballpark. Im proud to see you happy and doing well. Keep up the great work! Love Dad & Linda