Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Engagement Story

Well obviously this weekend was absolutley amazing. Let's start with the good stuff. After some fun with Jayke and Nicole Saturday morning Jim wanted to go downtown and walk around the old market. That was fine with me, I have always loved the old market, ever since I was a kid even. We went in some of the shops and while we were in the passageway Jim told me he had a surprise for me. He pulled out a card which was incredibly sweet. The P.S. on the card asked if I wanted to go for a swim (I really enjoy to swim). Inside was a reservation sheet for that night at the Hilton. Jim said that he had asked my Dad and Deb to watch Odie so that we could have a night to ourself since we hadn't been able to do that for awhile, I thought that was extremely sweet.

After that we headed out and walked around a bit more. We stopped for ice cream at Ted and Wally's which gave us a chance to cool down since it was super hot. When we headed back out Jim suggested we go on a horse and carriage ride. Now there is the way straight to my heart! I have always wanted to go on a carriage ride through the old market and Jim knew that so he made it happen. It was very sweet to cuddle in the cart and it was so beautiful out.

After that we headed over to Heartland of America park. Jim and I had always talked about going and somehow we never had which is amazing because it is one of those spots in Omaha I just love (something about the whole downtown area, with the old market, and all the character... I just love it all). When we got out of the car Jim grabbed a gift bag from under the seat and told me he had a present for me but I couldn't have it yet. I REALLY wanted to know what was in it, but he told me every time I asked he was going to wait another minute before giving it to me, now that is harsh!

As we walked around Jim stopped at one point and asked me if I wanted part of my present and of course I did! We sat on the bench and Jim gave me a small gift bag from the larger one. Of course my heart flutters a bit and I open the bag, as I do Jim pretends to have a rock in his shoe and he gets down on one knee. Inside the bag is a pair of earrings and the whole rock thing was just to throw me off, but it worked.

Aftr that we went on a gondala boat ride out around the fountain. It was super pretty and we had a nice time. He told me when we were done with the boat ride I could have the other present so I was getting pretty excited. Afterward we found just the right spot and Jim was ready to give me my present. I sat down on the bench and opened the gift. It was a picture frame that opened up. On one side was a picture of Jim kneeling down with the ring and it was engraved. It said "Will you marry me Mandy? Love Jim". The other side was a clock engraved with the date, "August 5th, 2006". When I looked up Jim was kneeling down just like the picture, down to the same clothes. When he asked me to marry him of course I squealed yes!

From there the night only got better. We were supposed to be meeting my Dad and Deb for supper so we left right after the proposal to head there. When we got there they were waiting outside for us. When we went in we turned the corner and there was my whole family and Jim's family all there to celebrate with us. Jim had arranged for all of them to come! It was amazing, it was like a big celebration and party and I had so much fun! I can not tell you how I felt to have him plan that whole day. We did everything in omaha that I love, and even better, we got to share something so special with the people around us!

Between my Jim, my family, and his, I never felt so special! I love you Jim and I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me and for planning something so amazing! I am so confident with our life together and in case you didn't know, you are super-fantabulously wonderful, just how I like you!

*I will post pictures soon!


Mom said...

What can I say except CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!!!

I always add a few more details whenever I tell the story (like the words "TIME" and "PICTURE", how Joy originally wanted to get the earrings for you, the phone call to your mom to tell her "I'm engaged!", the beautiful flowers he had waiting for you at the restaurant, the fake ring...) Ain't love grand?!?!

Love, Mom

ANA said...

That is so awesome...Kudos to Jim, that took a TON of planning. One of these days I will meet this amazing guy.

joy said...

Jim is a romantic, isn't he?! He did a great job. You guys make a great couple. Check the picture out on my blog of the two of you. It's a great picture!!! I'm so happy to have you as part of our family -- WELCOME! I'm looking forward to all the fun things coming up in the near future.

Love you guys. Take care of each other, love each other and BE HAPPY!