Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Weekends Away

Well the weekends have been flying by. Two weekends ago we were in Dubuque spending some time with Jim's friends and family. We got there Friday evening and even after taking a detour we got there before his Mom and had to wait outside for a solid 45 minutes before we got in the building. That pretty much stunk. We got in and got settled and then his Mom arrived a little after that. Odie was a little unsure why someone he didn't know was marching in the door and he barked a bit, but I just went over and sat next to her on the couch and had her give him a treat and he was fine after that. He definately likes being new places especially when it comes to his walks, nothing like a walk around a different neighborhood to get that sniffer going.

We were in town for Marty's birthday (Marty is Jim's friend), it was his big yearly birthday bash. It was a good time. We were eating, drinking and hanging around the fire pit until pretty late in the evening, or early in the morning I should say. All in all it was fun and I am glad I finally got to go.

This past weekend we had a family reunion to go to on Sunday. It was with Jim's Mom's family. They had it at Glee and Ron's place in Northeastern Iowa (that is Jim's aunt and uncle). The drive there felt like it took absolutely forever, a solid 3 1/2 hours. It just felt SOOOO LOOONG for some reason, especially when we get a call from Jim's sister thinking left later then we did, but nope, it is just a long drive. When we got there we visited, ate, and played some baggo (now that we got the boards done, they are a lot of fun). Odie went with us on that trip too. He liked the country, but he didn't care for Glee and Ron's massive 80 pound lab puppy. I think he was a but intimidated by his size. We got back late Sunday and then we were off with our week.

This next weekend will be spent back in Omaha.....will we ever get a break?!?!?!

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Mom said...

Yeah!! You're coming to Omaha!! Well, to Council Bluffs and Carter Lake anyway!! Looking forward to seeing you! Must be nice to be such a popular couple with friends and family who love to have you around...don't you think?

Love, Mom