Friday, January 04, 2008

Workin' through the Weekend

This weekend will be a busy one for Jim and I. We need to head over to the new house and prep it for the countertops and carpet that are being installed this next week. We are scheduled to close on January 11th, next Friday, and the repairs have to be made before we close since the seller is paying for the repairs.

The main level has all hardwood floors and the upstairs has run down carpet so the stairs and entire 2nd floor are being re-carpeted. The main floor will stay hardwood. The countertops in the kitchen are a blue fake marble laminate, very unattractive. We will be getting a solid surface countertop installed and it should look fantastic.

We had $5000 to do the carpet and countertops and we came in at $4968 but that does not cover tear out and disposal of what is already there. It was going to be an extra $800 to have them removed by the installers so we decided we will do it on our own. We will also be painting the upstairs before it is re-carpeted. Wish us luck!!

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