Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well it has certainly been a whirlwind of a week but things are almost finished. By almost finished I mean our old house has been cleared out and cleaned top to bottom meaning we NEVER have to worry about that crappy little house ever again!! Woo Hoo!!! However, as far as stuff at the new house goes, we are pretty much living out of boxes.

We closed on the house last Thursday afternoon and celebrated by painting the living room. It is now Sagey Green (yep that is the name). Friday we both worked half a day and spent the rest of the day packing the old house up and getting ready for everyone that was coming to help on Saturday.

Saturday arrived bright and early as we had to pick up Jim's sister's car at the airport at 5am, so we were up at about 4:40. We packed some more, picked up the u-haul, and had some breakfast before family started to arrive at 8:30. Jim's Dad Harry was the first to arrive then Chelsea, my Mom, my Dad, Deb, Jesse and Cheryl all followed. We had quite a bit of help which made the day run pretty smoothly.

Only a few minor setbacks along the way. First, our queen bed boxspring absolutely would not fit up the stairwell, it was too tall no matter how we leaned it or how hard people pushed and pulled. Eventually we came up with a solution. We had to cut all of the cross boards, bend it to get it up the stairs, cut down a piece of plywood to fit in the box spring, and then screw everything back together. Jim and the Dad's still had a heck of a time getting it up the stairs.

We also had purchased a solid wood tv armoire that was for sale by owner here in Des Moines. It was a great deal, but it was an incredibly heavy piece of furniture, by heavy I mean absolutely back breakingly heavy. The lady we bought it from wouldn't let the uhaul pull into her half a million dollar house's driveway, so the guys had to carry it all the way down the drive and into the uhaul. They were cursing us when we got to our house, already too exhausted to want to carry it in but with some manuevering of some carpet pieces to help it slide we made it.

Needless to say it was a busy long day and we are all glad it was over. We never could have done it without all the help from our families, they are awesome!! Now maybe this weekend we can actually unpack some of what we moved!!


ANA said...

Moving is always a pain...but having your own house it great!

Mom said...

So glad I could be there to share this experience with you.

Congratulations, HOMEOWNERS!!!

Love, Mom