Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yay for Jim!

Jim recieved some good news at work the other day. He was given a promotion! He began as an accountant with Oldcastle Materials Group and was promoted to a financial analyst last spring-ish. Then, as the company lost the controller of one of their smaller groups, he took over those duties this last summer-ish. And being the awesome man that he is he was just asked to be the controller of one of their largest groups! I do have to say though that he is a bit nervous about his new duties, but I am still very proud of him! He has a good job with a good company and he likes what he does, that is not always easy to find!


Jim and Mandy said...

Since no one else has commented on how AWESOME my husband is I think I will!! Way to go Jimmy D.!

Jodi said...

Congratulations Jim! You are awesome!

Mom said...

Congratulations, my favorite son-in-law! How wonderful it must be to do work that you enjoy at a company you like making a wage that suits you...not all people can say that, so you should consider yourself truly blessed. I am happy for you!

Love, Mom