Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Few Pictures For Fun

This is Jim and I after we signed the papers for our home!

Odie and Boomer seem to be adjusting to life in the new house just fine. Odie is still Jim's best buddy and Boomer is still a cute cuddler. Amazingly enough Milo has grown up quite a bit since our last move (where he hid behind the stove for 7 hours). He hasn't gone missing or hidden himself in strange places at all. He has however leaped up into the strange mantle hole above our big rock fireplace. What a crazy cat!

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Mom said...

So glad that everyone is adjusting to the new home...humans and critters alike! Odie is just happy to be wherever Jim is, Boomer just needs a comfortable place to crash, and Milo needed to find a new spot because there is NO WAY he would fit behand a stove now!! So glad your family is settling into your "Home Sweet Home".
Love, Mom