Tuesday, August 05, 2008

So Long Good Friend

First of all I just want to say that exactly 2 years ago today Jim and I were engaged...awwww! So happy two year engagement anniversary to us!
After much consideration and looking Jim and I traded in my vehicle for a new one. Let me start by saying that my car has always been awesome and I have absolutely adored every minute with it, however lately it had been having some issue that were becoming increasingly harder to ignore. We had been deliberating and had looked and test drove some options but I was really missing the love I had for my good old yellow friend. I know it sounds crazy, but I just couldn't buy a car that I didn't love.

My Yellow Car Goodbye

I had yet to get the love feeling with any of our options except for the new Dodge Avenger. The disadvantage was that new Avengers are out of our price range but I just wasn't finding anything else I liked enough, and I loved my yellow car too much to give it up for a car I barely liked. Saturday evening, on a whim, we drove past some lots and there we found it. A 2008 Dodge Avenger that was used, but VERY in my price range and absolutely immaculate.

So off we were on Monday to make our deal and we did! We picked up the new RED car tonight and I certainly love it! I do still miss my old yellow friend. I feel a little bit like my yellow car had become part of my identity and that I am missing a little something now however it has been filled with a big beautiful red Dodge Avenger which I am totally pumped about!


Anonymous said...

Mandy, you are crazy. Congrats on your new car. Glee

Mom said...

I loved your yellow baby and it was very much a "Mandy car".
The red Avenger will become a "Mandy car", too.
The hard part? Getting Jayke to understand that Auntie Mandy doesn't have her yellow car anymore. Good luck with that! Every pewter Blazer we see is still "Papa Frank's truck".
Congrats!! On both the engagement anniversary AND the new red Avenger!
Love, Mom