Thursday, October 16, 2008

Check One Off

Jim and I have pretty much done nothing to prepare for our little arrival, mostly because things were so touchy for awhile. We have yet to buy anything, the baby's room is still how it was the day we moved in (with new carpet), and the whole idea of a child coming still seems a little surreal.

Never the less we have accomplished one super major task...we have found our daycare. I am pretty pumped about this. Daycare is insanely expensive and it's hard to find one you get the feel for but we have certainly lucked out. I had wanted Kari to be our daycare person but originally she didn't have any openings. Luckily for us, one of her children is leaving at the end of this school year because they are moving which means the opening we need at the beginning of this summer is there!

Kari used to be a Site Leader with Kids West so we had worked together before. She sits for a few teachers I work with and I have heard so many good things. We met with her on Tuesday and paid our deposit so we are in.

I had asked around to make sure we were making the right decision and I am convinced we are. The center daycares seem big and impersonal to me. You have to enter a numeric code to get in the door and can watch your child on a webcam all day...a little good...a little creepy. The environment feels sterile and we just wanted something more homey. I had asked some coworkers about their in home daycares (which I grew up with my Mom doing daycare so I felt good about in home care). Everyone loved their daycare, but some of what they said I wasn't to keen on and every time I questioned their policy Kari had it the other way that I preferred so it should be a great fit.

One thing down....and a whole lot more to go!

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mom said...

I am a firm believer of in-home daycare (obviously!) and I am SO glad that you found such a great one!! What a blessing!
Love, Mom