Friday, January 09, 2009

3D Ultrasound

Today we had our 3D ultrasound. It was very nice to get to see Baby C and all that she is doing. I was also pleased to get 100% confirmation on her sex because they were unable to tell for sure at our last ultrasound appointment.

She was a doll through the whole thing. So far at every ultrasound we havn't really been able to see her face because she throws up her hands in front of it right when they close in on it. It is a bit amusing. No matter how much they poked and prodded she would not move her hands, she would just pull in tighter to me and cuddle up. The placenta is still between me and baby which is a good spot for the placenta but it means I won't feel her quite as much and it makes the pictures not quite as good, but I am ok with all of that.

She is currently weighing in at 1lb 15oz which is on target to the 2 lbs she should be weighing. Here are some pictures of the fun.

Her Spine

The blood running through the umbilical cord

Her profile with her arm up in there

Her little round face

Her face right as she was trying to cover it again

Sleeping soundly

Her girl parts, they are 3 small white lines near the words

Definately a girl!

Her profile again

Her two fists, and all 10 fingers!

Hand in front of her face


Snugglin' in to Mom's side

Two fists right in front of her face

Right at the end she had a gigantic yawn, it's hard to see but it looks adorable on the dvd!! She also took time to suck her thumb and her fingers. She was so determined to hide in there that when we looked at her foot she grabbed it with her hand and brought it in front of her face too! Who could believe that I could have a shy baby?!?


mom said...

The ultrasound...I love it, love it, LOVE IT!! I love her chubby little face! And the fingers...those tiny little fingers! I have no idea how people can look at a little miracle like this and NOT believe that our God exists! Love to the three of you!
Love, Mom

Ariana said...

Don't you just love these ultrasounds - I think they make things so much more real. I think especially for the Dads since they don't get the blessing feeling the constant movement.