Thursday, January 01, 2009

Baby C's Bedding

We have begun lovingly referring to our little one as Baby C, and eventually you will all know what the C stands for, but for now Jim is asking that I keep it a secret so that no one ruins the name for us. Trust me, it's cute though!

Over Christmas we started thinking of all the things we have to do around here in the next few months. First of all, we have a lot of projects in the works, namely the kitchen, but because of the chemical we need to use to strip the cabinets that needs to wait until after the arrival of Baby C. We did get the cabinets down above the bar area of the counter and the kitchen looks much much larger. It will be nice when we can finish that project up. We also have a lot of reorganizing, rearranging, and going through to get done. Slowly but surely this is happening.

Mostly, we need to get the nursery finished! Unfortunately, in order to do this we have to strip wallpaper from all the walls...blech! Jim picked up the wallpaper stripping supplies and we will be starting on that any day. In anticipation we decided to start thinking about how we wanted to decorate our little girl's space. We had looked at some bedding sets but hadn't found one we liked yet. This past week we decided to head to Babies R Us and see if anything struck our fancy.

First of all, I can not believe how costly baby bedding is! We were looking around and nothing was quite striking us. We didn't want a character or anything too frilly. We wanted something we could accent with solids or structure pieces that we could carry on for awhile. After looking around we stumbled upon a set we both really liked. Lucky for us it was on clearance! The price was originally $169.99 for the 6 piece set and it was on clearance for $77. They also had the matching mobile, which was also on clearance. It was normally $44.99 on clearance for $14.99. Not only was it cost effective, but it was the set we liked the best, so we decided to get it.

When we went to check out, everything rang up 30% off, so we got it all for under $65!!!! I felt like we hit the jack pot. The set is called Lullaby Birds and the 6 pieces include all of the bedding, a diaper stacker, and valance, then we got the mobile. Here are some pictures of it.


Ariana said...

Very cute! I feel you on the $$ part of kids bedding - especially when you think they will really only use it for a year or less. I have to say you got a heck of a deal though!

mom said...

"Baby C" is going to love her room!! Can't wait til everyone gets to know her name!!
Love, Mom