Thursday, March 26, 2009

Full Term

Well we are officially full term now. We had our 37 week appointment yesterday and were told that we could go into labor at any point and they wouldn't stop it. Almost everything checked out well at the appointment. Last week, at 36 weeks, we had the group B strep test which came back negative and the blood work came back good as well. When she checked me last week I was still completely closed and hard and she couldn't be 100% certain that baby was head down. At this appointment I was softer, although still not dialated at all, and the baby is for sure head down which they confirmed with a little ultrasound machine.

Last week I had measured a little big and it wasn't quite on track with how I had been growing so the Dr. said she was going to keep an eye on it. At this appointment I measured big again and so she has decided to send me in for an ultrasound on Monday to get an idea of the size of the baby and to check the fluid levels and make sure there is not too much fluid. It isn't really something to be concerned about, just so that we know what is going on. Also, my doctor cannot do c-sections, so if they think that may be a possibility they want to introduce me to an OB so I will be familiar with them, but that should only be the case if they find out the baby is for some reason gigantic.

Until next week...


Ariana said...

Isn't it a great feeling to be full term - now you get to enjoy the waiting game. Hopefully your ultrasound will go well and no C-section will be needed. But if you talk to KJ - she thinks they are great.

mom said...

I grew a lot with you at the end of my pregnancy, too. Perhaps it's "like mother, like daughter". My tummy grew from 36 to 40 centimeters in ONE WEEK...yikes! You were a good-sized baby, but not "gigantic" by any means. Obviously, Baby C is preparing for her entrance!!
Love, Mom