Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Nursery

Today Jim and I made great progress on the nursery so we thought we would post some photos so you all could see. We need to take some pictures in the day light because it is even cuter, but here is the progress thus far, not much else to do!
We love the mosquito netting!

This is the mirror Deb made

On the back of the rocker is the vintage quilt and a crocheted blanket from when I was a kid.

There is baby C's very own big dog!


Ariana said...

VERY cute!

mom said...

I just LOVE the nursery pictures!! How absolutely adorable!! I see that Boomer was "scoping out" the new room, too. Great choice of crib...I've never seen that style, but I love it! I didn't realize the chair was so big, but you'll truly appreciate it when you have Baby C in your arms. Great job both of you!
Love, Mom

Barb said...

Looks really good guys. The mirror Deb made is pretty cool. Lots of cute little stuff on the sides too! I'd say you are ready for baby!