Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jayke Turned 5!!

Jayke's birthday was Sunday and amazingly enough he turned 5!  He is growing up so fast and was well aware that being 5 means he gets to go to kindergarten.  Crazy that he will be in school next year.  I think in my mind he is perpetually 2 1/2....perhaps my favorite kid age ever.

His party was on Sunday so we got ready to head out that morning.  We decided to put Charlotte in her Nebraska gear since she doesn't get many chances to wear it.  Before we left the house Charlotte's hair looked so cute after her bath and all ready to go. 
Hanging with Uncle Jesse waiting for the party to get started.
Chelsea and I
Chelsea hanging out with Char
Leighton lovin' on Uncle Jim
Some of the kids at the party
The birthday boy and his mom
Opening gifts...clearly the best part for a 5 year old.
With his Transformers cake which gave all of us party guests fantastically vibrant blue, red, and black mouths.
Crossing her legs...little miss proper

And rounding out the party pics, our 49 week old family.

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mom said...

Happy Birthday to Jayke! But my favorite picture is the family picture (I always like it when I can get a good shot!).
Love, Mom