Friday, March 19, 2010

So Close... turning 1!  Charlotte turned 11 months old today and I can hardly believe it.  Both Jim and I have looked at each other on multiple occasions wondering where exactly the time has gone.  She is such an awesome girl and is beginning to grow into that large, boisterous personality that she has.

She is just like her Dad...with her giant brown eyes and inquisitive nature.  She can find her way around any problem, be it opening her puffs container or reaching the end table to pull it towards her to get what she wants but shouldn't have!  She has his desire to figure things out.  And, just like her Dad, she has a deep love of the remote control, able to locate it wherever it is and inevitably change the channel, try to order something, mute it, etc... 

She is just like her Mom...with her quick wit and strong will.  She knows what she wants and has no problem making sure that you know too!  She is loud and happy and, let's face it, a little bossy too ;).  She loves swimming and is the ham in the class.  She likes to be the center of attention and, like Mom, she rarely stops talking.

She loves to play and climb the stairs.  She answers her phone with a happy "hi!"  Everything she sees and wants she lets you know by pointing and repeatedly saying "that....that...".  She hasn't found a food she didn't like (except for baby food ham and ritz crackers at first, although she will eat them now).  She loves to be outside, but won't touch her hands to the grass.  Boomer is her best friend and she adores playing tug with Odie (when he'll let her).  She is happy and loving and most ticklish under her chin and on her thighs and knees.  Basically she is awesome, and we can't believe in only one short month, she will be ONE. 


joy said...

Charlotte is a beautiful baby. She's her mother and father. The best of both of you. I'm so proud to have a granddaughter like Charlotte. I'm pretty proud of her parents too!! They're awesome!! Love to all.


mom said...

It hard to believe that she is almost a year old!! She is such a cutie-poo!
Seems like only yesterday that she made her grand entrance!
Love, Mom

Barb said...

She's a keeper that one is. Can't wait to see what fun year two holds.