Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

My Mom celebrated her 50th birthday on May15th and us kids put on a come and go birthday brunch for her.  We had such a good time. Everything came off smoothly, we all worked our booties off and it paid off generously.  My Mom had a great time! So many friends and family came to wish her a happy day, including my big counsin Heather who flew in from Texas to celebrate!

I don't know about other people and their parents, but in my mind my parents are perpetually somewhere around 40 years old.  No less.  My mom is a super good example of that.  She looks young, acts young, and enjoys life.  Happy 50th Mom!


mom said...

Awwww!! Thank you!
I so, SO loved the idea of a come and go brunch...and it turned out fantastic! Everyone worked so hard and EVERYTHING was wonderful!
I can't thank you enough for an awesome day.
Love, Mom

mom said...

P.S. Which picture did you choose for my birthday frame?