Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tulip Time 2010

This weekend my Mom came into town to visit and on Saturday we had a blast from college past and headed to Tulip Time in good old Pella.  We stopped at the Dowtown Des Moines Farmers Market before hand because it is awesome.  From there we drove down to Pella and made it there shortly before lunch.

The weather was COLD!!!  We had a very early spring this year so the tulips were kaput.  Hardly ANY left at all!  We still had a nice time hanging out, watching the parade and enjoying all things Dutch.

Here is Charlotte watching the street sweepers.  They come through and clean the street before the parade.

Watching the parade!!

Charlotte and Grandma

The Fam.

Charlotte got a cookie from one of the bakeries in the parade!  YUM!

Ummm Mom...I think this pair is too big.

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