Sunday, December 09, 2012

Disney - The Beginning

Here is a mostly picture (and lots of them) blog post about our first 2 days at Disney.  

The first day our flight left Omaha at 5:30am and we were to our resort about two after a layover.  The kids were fantastic on the flights and got in some good naps so that we were ready to head to Epcot that night for dinner with Chip, Dale, Micky and Pluto.  We also had the chance to ride a few things and meet some other characters as well.  We finished the evening by watching Illuminations, Epcot's laser light and fireworks show.

At our very first stop we all met Minnie, Mickey and Pluto.

Mickey at dinner

We were supposed to celebrate Oliver's birthday at dinner (her turned one the day before) but he fell asleep

Our first full day at Disney was likely my most favorite day.  We were at the Magic Kingdom and it was amazing.  We spent the day riding rides, seeing parades, meeting princesses, and celbrating Christmas at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Celebration.  

The Christmas stuff started at 7pm and you could only stay if you had previously bought the additional ticket for it.  It was worth it.  We had an absolute blast and literally closed the park down.  One amazing night!
Arriving at the Magic Kingdom!

My absolute favorite picture of him on vacation.  Seriously, he looks so happy to be there!

We were taking a family picture by the decorations with the castle in the background when suddenly a parade came down the street.

Train ride!

Meeting Cinderella

Meeting Aurora

Rapunzel kindly telling Jim that he is about to dump our son on the floor.  It was actually pretty hilarious.

She wanted Minnie ears.  How could we resist?

Riding the People Mover

Love that face!

I am not sure who was most excited....ok...I look crazy

Race cars with Daddy

The Buzz Lightyear ride made Jim concentrate very hard.  He apparently really wanted the high score.

Riding the rockets.  We were much higher than them at this point.

Napping as we waited for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas to kick off.

The Christmas show has started.

Mickey and Minnie leading the Christmas Parade after the show.

We were right in the front!

Then a Christmas themed fireworks show.

Charlotte and I went and grabbed some dinner and we ate picnic style in front of the castle.  We were able to catch the show again and Charlotte loved it all over again.

I think Charlotte wanted this balloon more than anything else the whole trip.

Watching the show.

Pure Happiness

We got to attend a dance party with Chip and Dale and this sister busted out some moves!

The opened up the New Fantasyland just that night for those of us there.  This new Belle experience storybook was very cool.  Charlotte stood in Belle's house and compared heights.

Next they acted out a scene with Belle and Charlotte was chosen to be the pepper shaker

We literally closed the park down.  This was after midnight.  The only person you can see behind our stroller is one of the security guards.  It was awesome.

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