Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ok, I hesitate telling this story because I find it a bit terrifying and icky but it is still a bit funny so here goes. I took Friday off of work to get some spring cleaning done. I was vacuuming our spare bedroom which is the room where the door to the upstairs attic area is. I had the hose on the vacuum out and was running it along the baseboards when I decided to open up the door to the attic and use the hose to vacuum the landing. Suddenly, I sucked up something that got stuck to the end. I couldn't tell what it was, it looked like a piece of leather or something and either it or the vacuum was sqealing loudly. It was dark in there and so I couldn't see for sure what it was and suddenly it dawns on me that it might be a mouse (our house is old and we had a run in with a mouse when we first moved in so it wouldn't be totally out of the question but I was truly hoping it wasn't because I find that just absolutely disgusting). Anyhow, I slam the hard part of the vacuum hose in the door, start screaming, shut off the vacuum, run out of the room and shut the door, and proceeded to run like a idiot screaming out of the house.

I call Jim who calms me down and I decide to just leave that room shut up until he gets home which would be about an hour and a half. So I was in the dining room which leads to the spare room and I am getting things ready for Milo to come home from the vet (Jim was bringing him home after work from getting neutered and decalwed...poor guy). Anyhow, I turn around and there outside the door to the spare room is the mouse or whatever it was. I didn't look too hard at it but it looked kind of flat and dead and I had no idea how it got out of a shut up room so I just started screaming again and ran out of the house. I came back in, grabbed boomer, went outside and called Jim again. I told him I would stay outside until he got home which was only about half an hour.

Jim gets home and comes inside, looks all around, and there is no mouse to be found, absolutley nothing. I am baffled and with some resistance I come back in the house.

Later that night after going to bed, I was asleep and Jim was watching some TV. Boomer jumped up on the bed and it woke me up. Thats when I saw it, I looked up and it was swirling around our bedroom. I yell "what is that" right before ducking under the covers. I am a little blurry on what happens right after that but somehow I duck out of the room and shut boomer, jim and the dreadful bat in there alone.

Lucky for everyone, between boomer and Jim they hit down the bat very quickly and Jim had it trapped under a pillow. I go the kitchen, grab the rubber gloves and a plastic bag and run it in to Jim. He lifts up the pillow a little and the bat starts screeching. I yell "that's the noise from the vacuum", and suddenly everything makes sense.

The piece of leather, flat looking, scary mouse was a bat. Thankfully it is out of the house and all of us are well but let me tell you, that is something I never want to deal with again.

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Mom said...

This reminds me of the hilarious emails you sent from China...I already knew the story and I still laughed all over again!!


Love, Mom