Monday, April 24, 2006

In your prayers...

Please keep Jim's Dad Harry in your prayers. He found out last Thursday that he will be going in tomorrow (Tuesday) for a triple bypass. It was a surprise to everyone, he has always been a healthy man so we are all thankful they caught it now. Jim and Barb are in Dubuque tonight until Wednesday night. Let him be in your prayers tomorrow so that the operation goes well, and after that so that the recovery goes smoothly as well.

Thank you all, we appreciate it.


Mom said...

We'll keep Harry and the family in our prayers. I will also mention it at Care Group on Friday so that there will be several others lifting him in prayer. <><

Love, Mom

joy said...

Thanks Mandy. He'll appreciate the care that you have for him. My friends are also sending extra prayers his way. Thanks to for being there for him.

Love you guys,

Dad said...

Thanks Jim and Mandy for the prayer requests, for your own prayers, and for taking time especially (Jim & Barb) to be with Linda and myself during the day of surgery (on Tuesday) and again in helping us get back home (Jim and Mandy on Sunday). You guys have been great and greatly appreciated. L/U Guys, Dad