Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Last week we had yet another ice and snow storm here in Des Moines. While Jim was on his way to work he hit a patch of ice and slid into the car in front of him right as he was going to hop on the interstate. Of course the other guys truck had little damage, I am sure his bumper needed replaced but other than that it was fine. Jim's explorer on the other hand had a bit more damage.

His passenger side headlight was broken, the hood was buckled, the bumper and frame was damaged as well as some other stuff. It looked quite bad. Jayke was here this weekend and he kept saying "whoa Jim, you're car is broken" every time he walked past it. Because of the age of Jim's car (it's a '97) the insurance company decided today to just total it out. So we have about 2 days or so to find a new vehicle. Wish us luck!

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Mom said...

I was just thankful to know that Jim was not hurt. A car can be replaced. Love you both!