Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Productive Weekend

Well this weekend was awfully productive at the Davis house. A friend of mine, Emily, is going to be renting out our basement for awhile since we are not needing the extra room yet and she is needing a place to live. So on Thursday evening we got the first coat of paint on the family room downstairs. I have to say, we bought cheap walmart paint and it worked just as well, if not better, than the expensive paint we had bought for other rooms in the house. On Friday I came home and got another coat on and Emily came over and shampooed the carpets so it was all ready for move in on Saturday.

Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing a lot of things that we had been putting off. We got our old furniture moved from the garage to the other room in the basement (not Emily's room but this other space we have). We also got the living room, kitchen, den, dining room, and bath cleaned organized and in living condition. It feels so much more like home with things feeling a bit more in there place. Saturday night we had Barb over and ordered some pizza and watched TV, it was nice and relaxing.

Sunday we ran some much needed errands to return a couple of things to Home Depot and we also ran to Sam's and found out many of the things on our walmart list could be gotten at Sam's and last us a whole lot longer. I am especially obsessed with the Swiffer Wetjet that Jim's Mom gave us and am pumped I can get all the refill and pads I need at Sam's. One thing I have learned fast here is that there is no such thing as clean wood floors for long, they need to be swept darn near constantly and the swiffer is my new best friend.

Today I head in for a consultation with an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth out so wish me luck. I am not looking forward to it but it absolutely has to be done.

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Mom said...

A feeling of accomplishment is ALWAYS a good feeling!
Love, Mom