Monday, March 24, 2008

Low Key Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was pretty low key for Jim and I. We had earlier made plans for our anniversary and hadn't even thought about it being Easter so unfortunately it took a bit of a back burner which is disappointing since it is one of my all time favorite holidays. Even at that the weekend was good.

We both took Friday off work to spend some much needed down time together. It was nice to relax. We also went to some antique stores for fun, not for anything in particular and we didn't find anything to buy, but I wouldn't mind getting some cool retro stuff for the kitchen and dining room but all in due time.

Saturday we cleaned the house a bit and Jim made reservations for a hotel for the evening. You can priceline some pretty darn good deals and it felt like we were away without spending money on gas. We stayed at the West Des Moines Marriott and when we got there the guy asked us why we were there and we told him and he upgraded us to a super nice suite for free so that was awesome! The room was super cool, and big. We had dinner out at Rube's, a local grill your own steak house which is way cooler than it sounds. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying our dearly missed cable...haha!

Sunday we woke up, grabbed the paper and breakfast and chilled in the hotel room. When we left the Easter Bunny was in the lobby since they were serving a big Easter brunch, it made me feel festive for whatever reason! Jim's Mom was suppose to come in town but then couldn't make it so we did lunch with just Jim's sister instead. We hung out at her place until heading home Sunday afternoon.

I was also excited to get a couple Easter cards in the mail. My Mom and Jim's Dad always send cards for the holidays, all of them! And I love getting them. The sentiment is always sweet and it is nice to be thought of even when we are further away. I was especially excited about the card from Jim's Dad. He always includes a gas card which is already awsome but this time I got a gas card of my very own! I know it sounds corny but I was SOOO excited to pull one out with my name on it and everything! Thanks Mom and Harry for always thinking of us and making us feel special!

Also, check out our wedding photo montage below!


Mom said...

Since Easter was so early this year, I think it snuck up on a lot of people! It felt odd to have Palm Sunday before St Patrick's Day, too. And Easter won't always be before Jayke's birthday either. This is a different year indeed!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you took time to enjoy your (6 MO.) anniversary and Easter weekend. Keep supporting each other and, as long as you (appreciate)enjoy them, we'll keep sending those cards as well. Spring is a great time to be a home owner...enjoy your investment. Love Dad & Linda