Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lots of Busy Weekends

As with many of us our weekends fill quickly with quite a lot to do. The weekend before Mother's Day kicked off a run of busy weekends for us. Jim's Dad and his wife Linda came into town that weekend so we could all help honor Harry for 35 years of refereeing and umpiring for Iowa highschools. Harry, Linda, Barb, Jim and myself were all able to attend a nice banquet in Ames, there were a few people being honored for 35 years and 2 or so being honored for 50 years, although there were other honorees there. It is amazing to think of working so many years and working so hard, everyone was proud of him.

While Harry and Linda were in town we had lunch at our place and we were able to show both of them all the changes we have made in the house. It was looking a whole lot better from the last time Jim's dad saw it. Jim, Harry, and Barb also put up our garage door opener that Barb got for us as a house warming gift. I wasn't able to help much because I had a couple of photo shoots that weekend but they went very well. The garage door opener works great and makes using the garage a whole lot easier, that for sure!!

The next weekend, Mother's Day Weekend, Jim's mom came into town. Her and Barb spent time together Friday and until Saturday evening, then they came over for dinner at our place. We also had Jayke over for the weekend so we had quite a group. We grilled ribs along with other goodies, then we played Wii and watched a movie. We were also able to show Joy our home for the first time which was exciting. I think she liked and now she will have 2 choices of places to stay when she visits!! The following day we headed to church for the Mother's Day service, but they were inducting a new minister so it ended up being different than a regular service but it was still nice. We all headed to lunch before Jim and I went to meet Chelsea to drop off Jayke. He was so good and so awesome all weekend. We certainly love him!

Last weekend I headed to Omaha to celebrate my Mom's birthday and Mother's Day with her. A couple of years ago we were able to do that and it was a lot of fun so it was nice to have another Mom and Mandy Day. We did some running, some shopping, we headed to the Dodge House which was a lot of fun, and just had a good ol' time hanging out. I think my brother and sister liked me being able to see their softball games and I liked it as well. I stayed through the weekend to see my cousin Nicholas graduate high school and then headed home to spend Sunday night with Jim before he had to head to Salt Lake City for the better part of this past week.

This week has been pretty chill for us. It is nice to take some time and just relax. I am taking a Photoshop class which began this weekend and Emily's graduation party but other than that we have been able to take it easy. I was pretty excited on Saturday evening because my friend Melissa who lives in Chicago but I spent time with in China was passing through Des Moines on her way back to Chicago and so we were able to meet and have dinner. It was a blast! I miss having some of my good friends around sometimes, that is for sure! We have some more busy weekends coming up very soon so we better enjoy this break!

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Mom said...

I must admit, I've been looking forward to a blog update! I enjoy reading what you write and I ALWAYS enjoy the pictures you share! I had to chuckle when I saw the first picture of us from our "Dodge House excursion" knowing that it was taken in a BATHROOM!! Ha!!
Love, Mom