Friday, May 30, 2008

Jim's Job

Well again Jim's job has changed a bit and again the responsibility has also increased. Jim was a division conroller in charge of the Cessford plant that his company aquired and lets just say that it has been keeping him busy. Recently, one of the other division conrollers left the company and unfortunately they are not going to replace her. Instead they have taken the remaining 3 controllers and split their jobs by material as opposed to being split by company. Now, Jim is in charge of all asphalt and asphalt production. Another is in charge of concrete (his job changed very little) and the other person is in charge of something else (not sure what).

Luckily for Jim he did lose a few things from his previous duties, not so lucky, he aquired quite a bit more. Hopefully the transition goes well for him.

Jim's sister, Barb, also made a job change recently. She has been a physical therapist with Mercy Hospital for 12 years. With this she was stuck on a rotating schedule of weekends and holidays (that would drive me crazy!). She recently accepted a job offer from Methodist Hospital as a physical therapist but it is a Monday to Friday job. Congratulations to Barb, she makes the big move late June and here's hoping it's great!


Mom said...

Congrats Jim and Barb!
Love, Mom

P.S. I guarantee that you'll enjoy your weekends and holidays, Barb!

Anonymous said...
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