Thursday, May 01, 2008

Last Frost....Hopefully!

Monday night was hopefully the last frost we will see this season. Of course I am a plant newbie and we have a super ton of landscaping in the front of our house with beautiful spring flowers ready to bloom any second and I was very nervous that we would lose it all. A teacher I work with was telling me all about covering my plants and why and with what. She insists that you should never use plastic, only cloth such as old sheets and whatnot.

Of course Monday night Jim and I both brought home tons of work to do so when we finished that up at around 9:30ish I convince Jim that we still need to go cover the plants, I would hate to lose them the first year before we even get to see how well the yard looks in full bloom. I gather every extra sheet, pillow case, sham, blanket and one old towel. With that we managed to cover all of the blooming beautiful things in our front yard.

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Mom said...

I always LOVE seeing well landscaped, beautiful yards. Unfortunately, I don't get to enjoy that in my own yard because (unlike many others) I can't stand yardwork and I hate gardening. I did not get the gardening-yardwork gene from my mother, but she sure enjoyed it!!
Love, Mom