Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend With Jayke

This past weekend Jim and I got to have Jayke spend some time with us. We absolutely love having him over! Saturday while Jim golfed Jayke, Emily, Kameron and I headed to the downtown Des Moines farmers market. Jayke had a corndog and a cup full of ketchup, even after he wanted no more corndog he licked ketchup out of the cup until it was practically gone. That boy will eat anything if he can dip it in ketchup I think.

That evening we headed down to Raccoon River Beach to play. We brought Odie with us as well. Jayke played in the water, made a friend, then played on the playground for quite awhile. Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen for a treat. I still don't know what we were thinking, but never get a Mr. Misty slush for any child unless it is before noon because they go crazy! It probably didn't help that he had aprt of Jim's blizzard, part of my ice cream cone and then his drink, but he was hilarious. We were in the car afterwards and he was just bouncing off the walls. I asked him if he had a sugar high and he just starts sing songing/yelling sugar high, sugar high, sugar high!!! He crashed pretty hard when we got home though and slept well.

Sunday we hung out, played outside, and headed to Omaha for dinner. In the video he is definately running around in a pull up because he saw me with my lady product and said that if I was wearing a pull up he wanted to wear one too...yeah...embarrasing. He never needed his pull up of course, just expensive underwear for the day.


Mom said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Jayke will have many memories of times spent with Auntie Mandy and Uncle Jim! You guys are so great with him!!
Love, Mom

joy said...

I love the video! And I love Jayke. What a cool kid. He obviously loves his Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jim too.

Jim's Mom!!

joy said...

Are you sure Jayke isn't related to Jim? He used to eat everything with catsup! Used it for dip on his potato chips!!