Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our Fourth

What a wonderful weekend!! A couple of weeks ago Jim and I decided to invite some family down for the weekend to celebrate the 4th and break in our home to our family who hadn't seen it yet. We invited my family and Jim's Mom's side of the family (his Dad's side will be here for a big party in September). We decided to have the bbq on the 5th so that everyone could enjoy their regular holiday activities on the fourth.

On the fourth Jim and I enjoyed our first Urbandale parade and fireworks. The parade lines up on our street and starts at the end of our block so that was kind of cool. I could not believe how many people were at the parade! We were doing some housework and yardwork and decided to head down so that's why we aren't looking so hot in the picture, but it was fun.

a view of the crowd once you reached the end of our street

I couldn't believe this dog in the parade!

I loved the old cars

Jim and I enjoying the parade

Cool Float

One of my uncles came up early so he could see some friends of his that live here so he enjoyed the firworks with us on Friday night. We were hoping we could see them from our backyard but one of our trees blocked them, but as soon as we walked around the corner they were plain as day. My friend Erica stopped by to check them out with us as well.

Jim and Odie enjoying the fireworks

Erica and I

Saturday began with gracery shopping to pick up the final few things we needed and people started arriving around noonish. The whole day was awesome!!!! It was so nice to have our families here enjoying our home. We had a ton to eat, plenty to drink, and lots of fun with good old baggo and such. I could not have asked for a better holiday weekend!! Something about having everyone here suddenly made me really feel like this is home, and a home I am truly loving! Here are some pictures of the festivities.

Jim and I certainly had a fantastic time this holiday.


joy said...
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joy said...

Mandy & Hondo!! It was a great party! I had such a good time. Thanks for the great picture you took of me. It was a perfect day to celebrate and I thought we all did a nice job of that. I'm looking forward to spending some more time you guys soon.

Love you guys,

ANA said...

SOunds like you had a blast! Love the fireworks pictures.

Mom said...

What a great time!!
Frank thought it was "just the best weekend" and I have to agree!
We'd love to do it again sometime.
Love, Mom