Saturday, July 19, 2008

Off to the Races

Yesterday afternoon Jim and some of his co-workers went out to say good-bye to Micah who took another job in Florida, within the same company. After things were winding down they decided to head to Prairie Meadows because they were having camel and ostrich races. We all headed over to check it out and it was packed! We missed the camels racing but we did see a couple of camels just hanging out on the track. We waited around and were able to see the ostrich race. Here is a video of's pretty funny.

Also, the picture on the top right of the header is my new haircut...I have bangs. I like it a lot though!


Mom said...

I know a jockey has to be small to ride a HORSE...I wonder how small he has to be to ride an OSTRICH!!
Love, Mom

Jodi said...

I really like your new haircut! Its really cute!