Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Ultrasound

Friday morning Jim and I had our ultrasound scheduled. Because my family doctor does OB until birth I had decided to go with her instead of a local OB office. I chose this for many reasons, the main one being familiarity and personalized care. So, instead of heading in to the OB office and having the ultrasound there we have to schedule it elsewhere. They decided to do this one at the hospital we are planning to deliver at so they have everything right there when delivery time comes.

I had been pretty hyped up about the ultrasound because I just could not wait to know the sex of the baby. They are pretty darn sure we are having a GIRL!! We were looking at the bottom of the rump and legs and I kept thinking "there is nothing in the middle, there is definitely nothing in the middle". Finally, she asked if we were wanting to know and we said yes. She said that there were three white lines that are usually indicative of the labia, but she couldn't say 100% for liability reasons. Good enough for us I suppose!

As far as the ultrasound was pretty miserable. You have to have a full bladder, and I had to go SO badly I could hardly breathe. With every press on my stomach I winced and tried to hold it. I was honestly very concerned I would be having an accident on her table. I managed to get about 3/4 of the way through before I had to go and relieve some of it.

It was hard to tell what she was looking at most of the time but she explained everything she could. They have a very trained eye to see what they do. We never saw the face because baby was on her side facing inward. They forgot to print the pictures, and we didn't think of it until we were on our way home, so my doctors office called and I should be able to get them this week. When we get them I will post them for you all.

They changed the due date just slightly, so we will be welcoming Baby Girl Davis around April 15th.


Ariana said...

So I am really slow in commenting - but yay for you on your little girl! I have loved having girls - we will see how the whole boy thing goes. Do you have any names picked out? What about your nursery - any decorating ideas there?

mom said...

Love, Mom